Being A Shy Blogger & Building Confidence

The concept of being shy on the internet isn't something I ever thought about. Even though I've always been a shy person in real life it's not something that I ever thought would transfer into the world of blogging. But it has and it's something that I think is pretty much unspoken about in the online world. 


Throughout the past five years if there is one thing that I know to be a true fact about the blogging world it's that it's incredibly noisy and is rarely calm. Noisy isn't necessarily a bad thing but when you're shy and especially if you're an introvert it can be quite an intimidating place to be. It can be difficult to know where you're going to find your voice or even if it will ever be heard by someone else. The greatest thing about the internet is that it has no capacity so there is room for everyone, no matter if you're loud or quiet there will be people out there who are just like you and experiencing the same feelings. 


Although in this day and age it's easy to tweet at someone or comment on their Instagram photograph. That doesn't take away from the fear or worry that it instils in a lot of us. And more often than not those anxious feelings are washed away when it's welcomed with such warmth. Because even when people have hundreds of thousands of viewers or followers they're still a real person behind those dreamy pictures. As a blogger and a blog reader, I know both sides of this coin well. When someone takes the time to write a comment, send an e-mail, tweet or anything else. It's something that brings so much happiness to my day so being able to do that to someone else is a truly wonderful thing. 


Whenever people talk about being involved in the blogging community it's often the same sort of thing. Personally, Twitter chats aren't something I've ever enjoyed as I find them really overwhelming. But talking to someone one on one whether that be through a private message, text or e-mail is how I've found my tribe in the blogging world. Being talkative online doesn't have to look a certain way. It's important to find what works for you and what feels comfortable. 


How many times have the following thoughts gone through your head?

  1. Oh they aren't interested.
  2. It probably sounds really stupid.
  3. Will they think I'm weird if I say something. 
  4. They're too popular online.

These are all thoughts that I think that we can relate to but you have to believe in yourself that you're worthy of someone else's time. It can be incredibly daunting to take the time to reach out to someone and them not take the time to respond. But that is never a reflection on you. 

What are your thoughts about being shy online?

R x

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