2 New Skin Brighteners & Scar Faders

Ever since September my skin seems to have had a slight meltdown. Nothing too catastrophic but still not quite what I want for my complexion. There are two products that have been standing out more than my usual spot and scar fighting items and I can't wait to share them with you today.


TONY MOLY INTENSE CARE SHEET MASK: Whenever I used to hear about snail gel used in skincare products I just rolled my eyes and thought well that's just another fad. Until I tried this sheet mask which is not only a hilarious experience in itself and I always have to refrain from sending my closest friends horrifying pictures. After using this mask a few times on a regular basis, I noticed some of the really deep set scars on my chin we're starting to look a lot better and fresh marks were barely noticeable. Not only has it helped to heal scarring but as it contains hyaluronic acid it gives the skin a big boost of moisture. The next day after I've used one of these masks I know I'm bound to have a great skin day so consequently my makeup looks a lot better too. 

ELEMIS FRUIT ACTIVE REJUNEVATING MASK*: I've had this mask in my collection for a year or so but never introduced it as a solid part of my routine until now. It's a lovely creamy consistency that is kind to even the driest of skins which is something I'm sure we're all struggling with in the current climate. The mixture of strawberry and kiwi helps to brighten and tighten and the skin without being too abrasive, it doesn't dry and set down to the skin. It's rare to come across such a great skin brightening mask that can also hydrate your complexion so for dull and dry skins then this is a great mask. 


I try not to over complicate my skincare routine. Although I like to use masks regularly I find if I use them too often that it can result in more issues than I had in the first place. So what I like to do with these two masks is use them on a 2-day rotation. So for example on a Monday I will use the Elemis mask as it's so pampering and then on a Thursday I will use the snail mask as it's quite cooling and soothing. Maybe I'm alone here but whenever I read about masks I always want to know how people fit them into their routine as I never know how often to use them or what is right. So hopefully this shows a little more insight to how I use those two awesome products. 

What are your favourite brightening products?

R x

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