2 Summer Bases That Can Handle The Heat


If you're not from the UK what I'm about to say might seem absolutely ridiculous but the weather is pretty weird right now. And it's a good kind of weird, it's been pretty warm for the last month or so. I don't remember the last time it properly rained so it seems we're getting our summer early over here. Which means I've had to really look at the foundations I'm wearing as I'm blessed with my own natural highlighter so need something that can make my skin not only look wonderful but stay put too. Which is always way harder to find then you think. So here we have two old faithfuls that have been in my stash for a while but whenever the weather gets warmer they are always something I find myself reaching for.



This foundation first came into my life in 2015, nearly 3 years ago to the date actually and it's a base that took me by surprise. And there is a little bit of a story behind this product as it was the first high-end foundation that I ever wanted to purchase. But I could never get a shade to match my skin which the biggest problem with this base, the shade range is absolutely diabolic and frankly upsetting to see. Which is why this is a summer base for me as I can only wear it when I've got a little bit of a tan. But it's a base I generally prefer in the summer months anyway due to its finish. It's incredibly natural and lightweight on the skin but offers up such a good level of coverage. Even when I've had blemishes and scarring left over from spots I've not really needed to add concealer into the mix when using this which is a big deal. It sits like skin, it's so, so natural and it doesn't matter how much you build this up it still looks beautiful. Not only does it look good but it feels good on the complexion too. I can happily touch my face wearing this and know that I'm not going to take it away to see a nice orange hand. Finally, the lasting power even without a primer or powder is absolutely fantastic. It wears evenly too so when it does start to fade it still looks natural which is so important as there is nothing worse than having perfected cheeks but a chin that has no product left on it. If you can get this foundation to match your skin tone then I highly recommend it. It's a great price and the packaging makes it perfect for travel as it's compact and lightweight. 


I've been digging all of my Beauty Pie pieces out lately as I know they must be nearing the end of their shelf life so I don't want them to go to waste. One of my favourite items from the brand ever has been this foundation, which yes, you guessed it isn't a suitable shade for me all year round. So it's strictly something I use in the warmer months when my skin has been (safely) sun-kissed. It's a little thicker than the Clinique foundation but in the best way as it just melts into the skin seamlessly and takes minimum effort to blend in. As long as you've got a good brush or beauty blender of course. It's got a really beautiful soft focus finish and feel to it and although it's a little more detectable on the skin it's not unbearable as most fuller coverage bases can be. It covers up absolutely everything without caking up on the skin and wears really well throughout the day and I never have to think about a touch up even if I'm out all day. It's oil free which even though I can get a little "glowy" is a term that scares me as I don't like anything feeling at all drying on my complexion. So even if your skin is a tiny bit dry then you could probably still wear this comfortably with the addition of a hydrating primer. Even if you're not a Beauty Pie member, it's still a good price I think at £30 which is what you would spend on the majority of high-end base options anyway. The downside is that you cannot get a tester or be colour matched in person so you do have to run the risk of ordering online which is not something I love to do. 


What are your favourite summer bases?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty