4 Podcast To Inspire You For The Week Ahead


As podcasts are my absolute favourite thing to have on in the background when I work. I thought sharing the episodes that inspire me the most would be the perfect way to kick off the week so here are 4 podcasts that I'm absolutely loving right now and my most loved episodes. 


This isn't just a single episode as frankly, I couldn't pick a favourite. What She Said comes from the wonderful Lucy Lucraft, a Brighton based freelance journalist, blogger, and podcaster. She interviews the most wonderful women in the industry and it's an honest conversation about real topics that need to be discussed more. If you're feeling a bit blue about the blogging world and fed up with the Instagram algorithm then I highly suggest giving What She Said a listen.


From YouTube powerhouse Casey Neistat comes Couples Therapy. Casey and his wife Candice Pool really get into the nitty-gritty of what it's like being married and talk about some really wonderful integral topics surrounding marriage. My personal favourite episode was the one on Long Distance which is something I know about all too well. And then the episode on Expectations was also absolutely brilliant as that is such an important topic as I think it's something every couple struggles with.


I know I've mentioned Sara's wonderful podcast before but there have been a few episodes lately that I've really loved. I've not been shy to admit that I've struggled with Instagram lately but Sara's podcast always makes me feel better about the platform. There are a couple of episodes I really rate for inspiring you once again to start posting snapshots of your day. And they are the ones with Bookish Bronte and The Slow Traveler. Both are incredible episodes and are so insightful. 


Although I'm not a seriously dedicated listener to Love Stories there are a couple of episodes that I absolutely love. The first being with Ruby Tandoh, who you might be familiar with from The Great British Bake off. I absolutely adore what Ruby stands for and her attitude towards food. It's so refreshing amongst the world of unrealistic health bloggers. Then the second being with Bryony Gordon who you will already know that I absolutely love, she never fails to make me feel ok about my mental health.

what podcasts are you enjoying right now?