20 Things You'll Understand If You're A Content Creator


Whether you’re a blogger, Instagrammer or YouTuber there are a few things that we can all relate to. And these are things (well, almost all) that I look at really fondly because ultimately they unite us all together despite how hilarious they might look to the outside world.

  1. Nothing excites us all like wisteria hysteria or peony season.

  2. Apart from maybe the excitement of chunky knit season rolling around and all the autumn leaves.

  3. Lusting after the pretty streets of Notting Hill and wondering if you painted your house would it look the same or absolutely terrible.

  4. The fear of looking like a complete weirdo when trying to get a good outfit shot.

  5. And the worry of being run over to photograph a pretty facade.

  6. When someone asks you what you do only to get the immediate response of ‘how do you make money? how much money do you make?’.

  7. The weird and wonderful positions that you get in to take a good flat-lay.

  8. Or even doing those weird positions in public when it comes to photographing food.

  9. Wondering if you’ll ever truly understand SEO.

  10. Looking back on the good old days of content creation when everything didn’t need to be inspirational, and realising you sound like like you’ve aged 50 years when you start a sentence with ‘I miss how things used to be…’.

  11. But secretly you do still really miss when everyone used a floral bedding set from IKEA as their background for photographs.

  12. Wanting to have a house full of various plants but knowing you’ll never manage to keep them all alive.

  13. But still fleeing to B&M when you find out they sell houseplants.

  14. Desperately wanting white floorboards, but wondering how do people keep them intact.

  15. Scrolling through Instagram and wondering how people manage to always have someone following them with a camera always capturing their best moments.

  16. The dreaded ‘I’ve run out of ideas’ thought.

  17. Wondering how everyone seems to incredible at DIY meanwhile you can’t master a simple flower arrangement.

  18. Buying a dress from COS that looks incredible on Instagram but when it arrives it looks like you’re wearing a sack.

  19. Getting to March and wondering if you’re ever going to be able to take photographs again because Winter has lasted 3272 years.

  20. Putting yourself on a Pinterest ban when it comes to interiors and decorating after realising these people don’t even seem to have plug sockets.