For Stressed & Tired Skin

The last couple of months haven't been kind on my complexion, I was unwell, busy and not eating well to say the least. My skin always gives the game away when not I'm feeling my best. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been pulling out all the stops to rescue it from looking so stressed and lack-lustre. 


My first point of call, when my complexion is looking dire, is to make sure that I'm getting enough water. For the past couple of years, I've really upped my water intake and the results are pretty instant. The skin looks so much more plump and bright when I've had the recommended amount compared to the sad sallow looking state it was prior to consumption. 


I'm ashamed to say that, I've had far too many micellar water cleanses recently. I've made the rookie error of getting cosy and settled with a full face of makeup which is a big no-no. Now when I come in or it gets to around 6pm my make-up is removed and then I follow up with a real cleanser. The one I've been reaching for is the Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm*, I've been needing something that is going to hydrate my skin whilst also giving it a thorough cleanse. It's a balm that melts into an oil when massaged into the skin, it contains small exfoliating particles that help to boost radiance too so it's a complete no-brainer. Cleansing properly is such a vital step in your routine, without it none of the other products you use will work to their full potential.


As I've been so lazy with my cleansing ritual you can only imagine how downhill my mask routine had gone. My skin requirements were a little more complex than usual. I needed to remove all the rubbish sitting in my pores whilst still hydrating my quenched complexion and reduce redness in the breakouts that had erupted. For a deep cleanse I went for the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask which is perfect for those days when you're skin needs to be purged off all the nasties lurking deep within and hydrating at the same time.Then onto trying tackle the redness of the inevitable breakouts from all those micellar water cleanses, the Origins Mega Mushroom Mask is an old favourite of mine and something that I can always rely on. It takes a few uses to see the results but it helps reduce any redness you might be facing and is gentle on the complexion. For an extra added boost of hydration, this cream mask from Hedelweiss* is a staple in my routine. It feels beautiful upon application and can be left on for however long you desire. It simply wipes away and you're left with baby-soft skin that looks happier and healthier instantly. 


There are a few treatments that I try to keep as a solid part of my routine all year round, but they're even more needed in such occasions. Both coming from Dr Jart which is slowly becoming one of my go-to brands in the skincare department. To create a moisture sandwich between the other serums that I use. The Dr Jart Water Fuse Gel* is a hyaluronic acid treatment, it's so lightweight and sinks in immediately to the skin immediately but works tirelessly to give the skin a boost. Late nights are few and far between for me but when they do occur I make sure to slather on an overnight mask. Again, from Dr Jart the Water Max Sleeping Mask* is the perfect late night companion. It helps the skin to look radiant and plump with minimal effort, every late night lazy girls dream. 

What are your favourites for stressed & tired skin?

R x

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