Dressing Table 101

My dressing table is by far my favourite area of my room. I've had the same set up a little while and grown tiresome of it so it was about time that I shook things up. It felt cluttered and just a little 'ugh' with so many clashing colours. As I spent the weekend reorganising I wanted to follow up with the details and a few storage solutions in tow that might be useful for you. 

As always with anything I reorganise I start by having a deep clean. My mirror had splatters of hairspray all over it and the dust was starting to gather. A duster and antibacterial wipes were my best friend to get everything looking spick and span. Then I moved onto the big task which was sorting out my beauty collection, the amount of products that I've stockpiled over the years is a little out of control. I had to be ruthless and let products go that we're past their best and then I could really get to grips with that needed organising. 

The bulk of my makeup lives in the drawer of my dresser, but that isn't all that exciting to talk about or show as it's not exactly arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way. Functional and sensible but not photograph worthy. I used to have the majority of it on display, but then I realised that it's probably not wise to have it sitting out in the sunshine. So here are the details on what is currently displayed on my dresser. 

In the left corner, we have my small Muji drawers. I keep my daily make-up items in there so that they're easy to reach when I'm in a rush. In a bid to work through my mountain of products, I switch them around weekly so everything is used. I love Muji for make-up storage and many other things. I'd sworn off it for years, but now I'm all about that acrylic. It does, however, show up every cream shadow laden fingerprint so keep wipes handy.

My dresser seemed to be missing a vital detail and that was a cactus. The top of my Muji drawers is the perfect place for this prickly number. Surrounding the draws are my makeup brushes, cotton buds and another little cactus. I store them all in empty Diptyque candle jars as what could be more cliché than that? No, but seriously, they're an awesome storage solution for things like brushes. They're tall so they keep they everything upright and tidy. 

The right side of my dresser has stayed the same. This simple tray from IKEA displays all my perfumes and other pretty beauty items. As this side doesn't get too much sunlight it's the perfect spot for them to live. We all know the perfume & sunlight is a disastrous combination. 


Over the years, I've discovered many ways to store my beauty products so here a few suggestions;

How do you organise your beauty stash?

R x

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