Working From Home & Not Feeling Alone

Working from home is something that on the surface sounds like a dream. Not having to answer to anybody but yourself and setting your own rules, awesome right? I feel super fortunate that I'm able to work from home, but it certainly comes with its cons. Going from working in a busy school constantly surrounded by people to being sat at my desk without anybody but my dog to talk to was a big change. Feeling lonely was a big shock and one that's still hard to deal with to this day, but I've found a few ways to work from home & not feel totally alone. 


Just because you work from home doesn't mean you actually have to work there. If you've got the freedom to work from wherever you please then make the most of it. At least once a week I try and leave the house and go and work from my favourite coffee shops. Not only are they great for getting a change of scenery but I always find myself managing to get much more done. 


As I've got a few friends that also work from home we all know the daily struggles of it so we make sure to touch base. Having a quick Skype or phone call with somebody else can make all the difference in your day. Being your own boss means that you can do those things and not feel guilty for it. 


When you work for yourself it's all too tempting not get dressed or wear anything but sweatpants and a sports bra. Some days I do that and that's fine but 90% I get dressed and apply my make-up. Even though my workspace is only a few steps away it's important to feel like I'm going to work just like anyone else. 


Not too long ago I didn't leave the house for five days. Being snowed under with work makes it easy for you to forget to step outside. Going for a walk or just popping to the local shop is key to splitting up the work day. The once dull tasks like food shopping or going to the post office suddenly come much more of an occasion. In the summer when the weather is fine I try to take my breaks outside, a change of scenery is vital to stop cabin fever from creeping in.  


It's easy for all your days to start rolling into one so having a cut off time is important. Once you've switched off then you can do whatever you like and having it to a similar time to your friends means you can go and spend time together. Just because you don't work in a typical office environment doesn't mean you can't enjoy things like after work drinks and dinners etc. 

Do you work from home? How do you deal with the loneliness?

R x

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