27 Things For 27 Years

It's become a blog tradition that on my birthday I write a post like this and of course I'm keeping the tradition for another year. As I've come into the latter half of my twenties I've felt so much happier and secure in myself which is such a welcome feeling after so much uncertainty in the first half of them. So taking from all the things that I've learnt in my first 27 years here are some of the things I want to do in the next.

  • Travel and see the world a little more. I've never had the travel bug by any means but it would be awesome to be able to see our beautiful planet.
  • Try to keep my head up about what I'm doing in life and not fall into the comparison trap or just completely measure my self-worth by work.
  • Stop apologising for the things that make me truly happy, even if they're not considered cool or worthy by others. If I'm happy and not harming anybody else that's all that matters. 
  • Don't pay attention to jealousy before even knowing what I'm jealous about. Because more often than not it's not something I even want and it's a wasted emotion. 
  • The comparison game is one that never has a winner so don't even bother playing it. 
  • Appreciate and love my body for what it is, it might not work perfectly but it's the only one I have. 
  • Continue to connect with awesome people online, they are out there. 
  • Be proud of my relationship and everything that my number one favourite person has achieved in the last few years. 
  • Hang out with my family as much as possible. They're the most important people in my life by far and their kindness and support is unimaginable. 
  • Allow situations to be what they are and stop trying to change them to fit in with others. 
  • Make the most out of and manipulate fear to let it be the motivation I need rather than be the thing that stops me. 
  • Don't let age be anything more than a number, there is no rule book to things you have to achieve by a certain point.
  • Fuss dogs, always. 
  • To stop being ashamed that I like being by myself, there is nothing wrong with being a lone wolf. 
  • Continue to embrace the time I have to myself before it's a thing of the past and I wonder why I ever wished it away.
  • Live in the moment, worry about the things that are happening now. Not what could happen or has happened. 
  • Take the high road, yes it's really tempting to tweet something shady but it only looks badly on you and dwelling on something doesn't make it better.
  • Be kind and considerate, always. 
  • Make times for the things that matter and leave the things that don't behind. 
  • Let the people who love you unconditionally without judgement in and let them help. 
  • Watch Grey's Anatomy as many times as you like, it's an awesome show and McDreamy is so darn dreamy. 
  • Never let anybody make you feel inferior to your boyfriend's job, it's not something many people understand and that's ok. 
  • Take the chances that are here now because they might not always be there for you. 
  • Do your best, always. That's all you can ever do and you can always try again. 
  • Listen to people and ask questions. Learning is underrated and is an incredible thing to be able to do. 
  • Get outside and walk, especially when you're feeling a little more anxious than usual you know it does you wonders even if it feels tough at first. 
  • Don't be afraid. 

What are the best things that you've learnt?