My Favourite One Wash Wonders

If you hadn't guessed by the fact that I never really talk about more than one shadow when it comes to my beauty run downs I'm a one wash wonder fiend. And I'm not sure that I've ever done an entire round up based around so my favourites so if you're also a beauty lover that's a sucker for simplicity then this post might be just for you.

MAC NAKED LUNCH: This shadow has been in my stash for years, over 4 to be exact and it's still one of my all time favourites. Back in the heydey of blogging everyone was all about MAC All That Glitters but that never worked well for me because it's far too pink on the eye. Naked Lunch, however, is what I would consider the perfect champagne and it doesn't lean too pink or too yellow so it works beautifully as a neutral shimmer on the lid. MAC shadows are known for being a fail-safe when it comes to their shadows and they are so soft and blendable but they're not so creamy that they fall away from the lid.

CLARINS OMBRE IRIDESCANT EYESHADOW*: All last year I loved this shadow as the shade is a little different to what I typically wear as it's more taupe based. It's a pressed wet to dry shadow so it feels incredible when applied on the lid which I find you need more of a flat topped brush to press it on rather than using a sweeping motion like you typically would with a shadow. It's a little darker than your typical neutral shade but it's still wearable for day to day but it does make that little bit more of a statement. They are pricey for a single shadow but if you know you only wear one shade on a day to basis then they're worth the investment as they're so long lasting and look absolutely dreamy when applied to the lid. 

MAC SHROOM: This is a one wash wonder for the real pale girls out there as I would imagine if you have a deeper skin tone then it might be a little too much of a stark contrast. It's got a slight pink undertone but it's very much a vanilla shade which makes it so easy to pair with any type of makeup look. Again MAC Shadows are pretty solid across the board and this isn't quite as pigmented as some of the other options but it still deposits enough colour without really need to build it up. I like this all over the lid obviously but you could easily use this as brow bone highlight or on top of the cheeks, especially if you have a deeper skin tone it could work wonderfully for that. 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY COLOUR CHAMELEON SHADOW STICK*: If you're a fan of the one wash wonder type of shadows and you're also a fan of really easy to use products then these shadow sticks from Charlotte Tilbury are perfect. You only need to scribble this all over the lid and blend out with either your finger or a flat topped brush to create an even yet dimensional look as this is jam packed with glitter and shimmer. I love the shade Champagne Diamonds which is a slightly more peach toned champagne shade but it works beautifully on my fair skin and I can imagine it would look beautiful on darker skin too. Possibly the best thing apart from how easy these shadow sticks are to use is the longevity of them as they do not budge in the slightest.  

BURBERRY PALE BARLEY EYESHADOW*: This is very much like the Clarin's eyeshadow but it's a little more pigmented and packs an incredible punch on the lid The shade Pale Barley might make you think it's a true champagne which is what I would think. But it's a taupe/grey based shimmer and is truly beautiful when applied on the lid. On me, as it's quite deep it's a bold choice but it's still wearable for day to day and I've been absolutely loving wearing it recently. Personally, I apply it with a flat topped brush [again, like the Clarins] to really pack on that colour and create an intense finish. A pricey shadow option but if you have the budget it's absolutely stunning on the lid as well as an absolute pleasure to use. 

TOO FACED CHOCOLATE BAR PALETTE*: Of course, this is a palette so technically this is cheating as my rule when it comes to one wash wonders is that they're single shadows. But there are so many beautiful shadows in this palette that could work not only in combination with each other but also alone so I thought I'd share my favourites. My favourites are white chocolate, marzipan and champagne truffle as a neutral all over the lid kind of affair. They're very basic in terms of colour and there is nothing that groundbreaking about them but the Too Faced formulation is second to none, so buttery and creamy on the lid but they don't just fall down from the eye.

What are your favourite one wash wonder shadows?