3 Awkward Topics That Girls Never Like To Talk About


In the past, I've shared plenty of awkward beauty topics that we face but something that I've never spoken about are the awkward subjects that females face. And there are a plethora of them so here is a little conversation about the main ones that I believe are the most uncomfortable to talk about. 


Possibly one of the most difficult subjects to tackle is intimate health and there is a lot of confusion in that area. I'm sure like most of us out there I've had thrush numerous times in my life but there is a huge confusion between Thrush and Bacterial Vaginosis. BV is the presence of a certain bacteria which leads to an unbalanced PH level in the vagina. Typically that area of our bodies is on the acidic side of the PH spectrum meaning that it prevents any bad bacteria growing and maintains a good a level of bacteria called lactobacillus. When the PH level becomes less acidic it can really affect things and lead to BV. The symptoms of BV are an unpleasant odour, watery discharge, and a greyish looking discharge. And probably the easiest way to cause this is overwashing, using perfumed soaps and shower gels, taking antibiotics and having sex. I know for myself I didn't know what BV was and have always just presumed I've had thrush and probably not treated it properly which is so dangerous. Taking care of intimate health is so incredibly important, I'm sure it's something that we all know but it can be a tough area to navigate. So Canesten has created a myth buster quiz to help squash down any myths you might have heard and I definitely learned something when I took it the quiz. And even though I got 5/6 there were still some things that I was a little unsure about.



Oh periods, these joyous things could probably warrant an entire post of their own. Throughout my life, I've encountered so many women who struggle so much with their menstrual cycles, especially my older sister who due to severe endometriosis had to have a hysterectomy at 30 years old which is incredibly young and something that is not spoken about enough. So I've been fortunate enough that periods have always been a popular topic in our family and not turned into an awkward conversation at all. But that doesn't mean it's the same for every female out there. And periods are not only physically uncomfortable but the questions that they make you ask yourself can be pretty mentally uncomfortable too. So often I find myself wondering is this normal? Like why does my period look like sludge? Is this type of flow ok? Am I meant to feel this unwell and have such serious brain fog? We all experience different things when it comes to our menstrual cycle and whilst some people might not like to discuss them there certainly needs to more of an open conversation about them to take away from the loneliness of dealing with difficult periods.


Of course, the media and the pressure from society doesn't help anybody when it comes to boob confidence. And it's the same as our bodies we all come in different shapes and sizes and we all have a different pair. There is no right or normal size to have and there are so many things that go into the way that your boobs look. Some are big and some are small but the most important thing is that we all feel comfortable with them and know they're healthy [checking your breasts is so important and something we should all be doing]. I know that when you see a girl baring all on tv or in an advert that they seem to have the most perfect pair of boobs in the world. But they will have always been enhanced in some way but it can be tough to remember that.


What are the awkward topics you wish girls discussed more? And what have you learnt about intimate health?

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