3 Simple Steps To Making A Place Really Feel Like Home


In May I finally moved out to live with my boyfriend and I've been finding it a little tough to really make where I live to really feel like home. Living with my parents and then in rented accommodation throughout university meant that I wasn't allowed to do exactly as I pleased with my living space. My boyfriend and I have got completely free reign to do exactly as we please with our house which we both know is such a luxury and there are endless possibilities of what we're able to do with the space. However, the house we have is a fixer upper and whilst we have got to save to big jobs like replaster walls, install a new bathroom and put in new floors we've also wanted to invest in the areas that we are able to and add in pieces that are high quality, long-lasting and most importantly a reflection of who we are as a couple as this is the first home that we've had together.

Tesco recently got in touch with me about their newly released homeware line Fox & Ivy* A premium range with carefully considered and curated pieces to make a statement in the home which is exactly what my boyfriend and I need right now. And even though it's a premium line with high-quality items they're still affordable which is so important for us as we've quickly figured out that high quality usually means a steep price tag so it's awesome to not have to compromise on quality or design. We have the majority of the basic items we need but now it's time to add little statements where we can and here are the things that we've added in recently that have really helped the space feel a little more us as well as being practical;



We've made a conscious effort to keep our bedroom as a super neutral place in terms of what colours we've used in there. Of course, I wanted white walls but then we've added in touches of green throughout with the use of plants and botanical items and it's created such a calm and serene living environment. And something that I've always been mindful about is keeping the bedroom as relaxing as possible. Whilst I was still living at home I had to work in my bedroom which meant I had to sleep where I worked which wasn't ideal and it certainly wasn't the most relaxing place to be. Of course, your bedroom is for predominately sleeping and one of the most important things for me is the bedding that we use. We were using quite old bedding sets that I'd had for years and had been using since university but recently we picked up a set from Fox & Ivy*. A white 200 thread count seersucker duvet set is our idea of heaven, the quality is absolutely sublime, thick and weighty without feeling stiff at all. The detailing is so beautiful, a great twist on the classic white duvet set which I always find runs the risk of looking a little hotel esque. And our little puppy Josie can't get her claws into it either which is a must for us, whilst our bed is for us she does wander in and out as she pleases. We both adore having white sheets as it feels like you're climbing into a cloud when going to bed and it creates such a peaceful atmosphere and you can accessorize with different coloured pillows, pinks and greys are my favourites to pair with a white duvet set.



I'm a sucker for adding greenery into the home but constantly buying fresh flowers is a pricey habit to get into and not one I can afford to constantly fund. So things like plants and dried out eucalyptus are the options I love to go for to add that green element without having a financial price tag to it. There are so many reasons to add greenery to your living space, they not only add life to your environment but they're also so good for you too. They take in the carbon monoxide and produce the oxygen that we need to breathe. Something that I've had to bear in mind with buying plants now is that Josie cannot get to them and eat them as lots of plants and flowers are poisonous to dogs. This beautiful tall cut out vase is from the Fox & Ivy* range and it's the perfect home for my beloved eucalyptus. As it's so tall it's far enough from where Josie roams around and it fills up space on the wall which is currently bare. Even though it's large in height it's still small enough in width to be able to fit on my dressing table and it's a weighty piece so I know it can't just topple over no matter how many flowers I put in it. The laser cut detail is a lovely twist on a classic piece as it allows a hint of greenery to peak through as well as making a statement. Experimenting with different planters is something I love and also experimenting with the options of faux plants where the light doesn’t allow for the real thing.



Something that I never realised when living at my parents or at university is just how important scent is in the home and how difficult it is to get it right. It's all too easy for the smell of food to linger for days and if you own a dog it's a real challenge for it not to take over the entire house. I want where we live to smell as nice as possible and I love that everyone's house has its own unique scent. After learning the hard way about the damage that candles can do to your walls and ceilings I've been pretty strict on the amount I'm allowed to burn them. So I've had had to seek out new ways to scent our house and that is where reed diffusers come into play. They are such an easy fuss-free way to scent your home, you don't have to worry about them damaging anything and they're something I always make sure we have in our bedroom and the living room. As well as not having to worry about them setting fire to the wall or a nearby plant I find reed diffusers such a cost-effective way of scenting the home too, I get a good few months out of one which is awesome when you've only just moved and have other expenses. We've currently got a few of the Fox & Ivy White Jasmine and Bergamot Reed Diffusers* dotted around and I'm absolutely in love with the scent. It's fresh due to the bergamot but the Jasmine adds that little bit of a floral twist without being overbearing or overwhelming. I don't tend to scent the space seasonally and like something that can be used all year round.


What do you think are the simple steps to making a house a home?

- this post is in collaberation with Tesco, but all thoughts remain my own -

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