3 Beauty Products I Can't Get Enough Of Right Now

Personally, I don't think 2016 has been the most exciting when it comes to beauty. There have been very few things that have come along and truly wowed me and made me want to put down everything I'm doing and use. However, in the past few weeks, there have been a few things that have arrived into my life that have really wowed me and I've been so excited to write about them. And you know that age old saying that good things come in threes? Well, it turns out to be pretty true in this instance and here are the beauty products that I'm pretty obsessed with right now.  


The concept behind Beauty Pie is truly fascinating, it's like a beauty lovers buyer's club. You sign up to the member's scheme [which is £10 a month] and it allows you to buy high-end beauty products at their factory cost. So instead of paying £30 for a foundation you're paying around £5 and the quality is outstanding. When the parcel arrived and I saw the concept my immediate thoughts were 'Ok this is really interesting but how does it work, how do these products really perform?'. I've been using the Great Skin Foundation* and the Perfecting Powder* and they're truly fantastic products. I've got a taste for more high-end bases and when I applied the foundation I was pretty blown away, my skin looked like you'd expect from the title...great. It was slightly matte in finish but in a really good way, it smoothed over everything beautifully and it lasted too. When I came to remove it the amount of base that came off would make you think I'd only just applied it. Which is when you know something can really stand the test of time. If you're a serious beauty lover then do check out Beauty Pie, it comes from the founder of Soap & Glory and some other fantastic women who know exactly what beauty enthusiasts want in their products. 


Anne Semonin is a luxury Parisian brand and one I've only had little experience with. Their cooling eye packs are absolutely beautiful to use but they come at a price so it's probably wise not to get too attached to them. The ethos behind the brand is that they create luxury skincare which surrounds the concern of anti ageing with the use of essential oils and minerals. I've been using the Mineral Mask* which aims to deep cleanse and decongest for a clearer complexion. My skin isn't at it's best right now and I keep on suffering from breakouts that are in the exact same place and they'll clear up and then come back within a week or so. This mask has not only been helping to tackle the patch of breakouts but after I removed this mask my skin felt like nothing else that I've used before. It was so smooth and I imagine if I ever had a chemical peel than it would feel that smooth and even though it's something that is deep cleansing it didn't give my face feeling tight or dry. However, whilst this mask delivered incredible results the consistency, colour and smell are pretty vile and the only way to describe it is like runny manure. And considering how expensive this mask is [a whopping £42] I do wish it felt a little more luxe to apply but the most important thing is that it works. However, I don't believe it would be one for sensitive skins as my skin was quite red after removing this and my complexion isn't at all sensitive. 


Last year I fell in love with the Davine's OI hand cream and ever since it's been a brand that I've been really curious about, especially their haircare. If you've not seen the brand floating around the blogosphere then here's a little back story about them. It's an Italian brand that focuses on creating sustainable beauty products that are not only good for the environment but they're beautiful on your tresses too. I've been using the OI haircare range recently and it's without a doubt one the nicest ranges I've used in a while. Shampoo and conditioners are usually something I feel pretty indifferent about and it takes a lot to really wow me. But after using the OI range I'm not sure my hair has felt so smooth and nourished without the use of oils afterwards. And the best thing is that it adds some serious hydration but it doesn't weigh down the hair at all which is so often the problem with anything seriously nourishing. If you've got fine hair you will know the battle of wanting your tresses to feel beautifully smooth and soft but not make it even more impossible to achieve volume. Their products are on the more high-end of the price spectrum and I think it's very much a personal choice. As I wash my hair so little I don't mind paying out more for my hair care as it lasts so long. However, if you're a daily washer it's a pricey habit to get into. 

Have you discovered any awesome beauty products recently?

R x

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