Stationery To Help You Stay Organised In 2017

My love for stationery is a well-known fact, much like my love for striped Bretons, it's unstoppable and undeniable. Today I'm going to share my favourite stationery pieces that are not only beautifully designed but they actually help you stay organised. Which makes buying way too many notepads completely justifiable. 


The most obvious choice for something that will keep you organised is a to-do list. And we all know how obsessed I am with mine and there isn't a day go by that I don't have at least one on the go. My personal favourites are the pads from Rifle Paper Co, they're thick and weighty enough to withstand being taken around but they're still beautifully designed. They have weekly lists and then daily pads to choose from. And the best thing about the daily pads is that they don't have a ridiculous amount of space which is oddly helpful as I don't create ridiculously long lists that are just overwhelming. 


Without a doubt, the best thing about the new year is getting a new diary and having something fresh to work through. For 2017 my diary of choice has come from a lovely brand called Dear Diary. The pages of this beautifully designed stationery piece are absolutely perfect as they offer room for all you need to put in your diary as well as using it as a to-do list too if you don't want to use more than one thing. I use my diary constantly even though I do rely on my electronic calendar heavily nothing makes me remember something more than physically writing it down. I've got a 10% off code for Dear Diary too, it's DEARREBECCA.


For years, I used to refuse to use a plain paged notepad because I cannot write in a straight line to save my life, let's just blame the fact I'm left handed? But a plain notepad has weirdly become something I use on a nearly day to day basis because I've found it the best way to plan out photographs. And whenever I design anything from my blog design to stock shop layouts then I can't deal the constraints of the lines. And weirdly I think something with plain pages is a lot more freeing than a standard journal and allows you to be a lot more creative with things. 


I couldn't write this post without talking about my beloved standard notepads and journals. I'm very rarely without a journal as pretty much plan every single thing I do with them. And something I find super important is to have a separate one for different aspects of my life. So for me, I have one for my blog, one for my store/other photography work and then one with things that I'm working towards and personal life aspects. It's a little bit of overkill of course but it helps me stay organised and it means I can justify my ridiculous notepad collection. I've tried to go paperless for so long but I find it means I'm less likely to get anything done if I don't physically write it down. 


Now my love for a pretty notepad has been made well known over the years but I've kept quiet about my love for stickers. Because I use journals and notepads constantly I like to jazz them up a little with the addition of stickers. It's such a small thing but making your to-do list fun makes me way more inclined to do things. 

What are your favourite stationery pieces for staying organised?

R x

Rebecca WarrinerLifestyle