3 Blushers I'll Always Have In My Stash


Hands down one of my favourite beauty products, ever, is blusher. It's something that I always get so excited to buy and an item that makes me feel so special when I apply it. I don't remember the last time I skipped out on blush which goes to show how much I love it. Over the years, I've developed quite the collection but there are 3 that I don't think I'll ever find myself without anytime soon and here are all the details on them. And no, you don't 3 blushers, in reality, you can most definitely get by with one but hey, it's nice to have options.



Price: £32 

Cruelty Free? Yes 

I still remember how skeptical I was of these blushers when they were first released as they're super pricey, just like anything from the brand. And when I first used them I wasn't blown away but the more I used it then the more and more I fell in love with absolutely everything about it. The luxe but lightweight packaging with a good sized mirror makes it a dream to travel with or to take on the go with you. I wouldn't say the formulation is exactly mindblowing as it's just a simple powder but it doesn't sit in the pores and glides seamlessly onto the skin whilst staying put for as long as I need it to. The shade is what I love the most about this blush and is the reason why I tend to prefer to shop high end when it comes to my rouge. The formulations aren't always vastly different but it's the colour range that makes them worth the investment to me. This is the perfect marbled mauve for me so it not only adds a flush of colour but adds a sheen to the cheek too. It's really pretty glorious and it saves you from needing to add a highlighter so in that way it is more cost effective as it's a 2-in-1. If you were only to use one blush all year around then the Hourglass ones are pretty special, I love the fact they come in palettes too as then you have a little more choice colour wise.



Price: $29

Cruelty Free? Yes 

Maybe my favourite blusher of all time, which is quite the statement but it's with good reason. My love affair for a brown toned light pink started with Nars Douceur which I do still have and use. But I cannot bring myself to talk about again as it's no longer available so it's unfair discuss it and this product is practically the same. No matter what type of makeup look I'm going for then I know I can depend on this blush as it's so understated that it sits well with anything you can think of. Even though it's understated it does still make an impact on the skin and as well as adding a little bit of colour it also sculpts the cheek. The formulation of the Amazonian Clay blushers are absolutely fantastic, they're matte without being at all drying and are still very flattering on the skin. And they really do live up to that 12 hour wear time claim and manage to do so without being powdery at all. If I could only pick one blush to wear for the rest of my makeup wearing days it would most definitely be this as it's so versatile and the formulation is fantastic.


Price £16

Cruelty free? Yes  

If powder blush isn't your thing and you prefer things a little more glossy then these lip and cheeks duos from Stila might be something you like. I know so many people fear cream blushes and it's understandable why but these are sublime, they add a wonderful sheen to the skin and don't mess around with your base underneath. And they're so easy to apply, all you have to do is dab a small amount on with your finger and then blend out and upwards with either your fingers or a stippling brush. Personally, I prefer a brush but in a pinch, you can use your hands and as it's a multi-use product you can also use this on your lips although I prefer it on the cheeks. In terms of this shade [I also love Lilium] it's very much like the Tarte blush but in a cream formulation. I love to reach for this when my skin is looking a little lacklustre and I want that sheen without the use of loads of products, it adds almost a gloss to the skin Although it is so sheeny it stays put on the skin all day and I never find it fades away at all and even on my oiler days it stays put.


What are your favourite blushers?

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