5 Loungewear Essentials


Out of all the clothing pieces that I own there is nothing I love more than loungewear. When I get home from being out whether that be from taking the dogs out or a social occasion. Then I will without fail get changed as soon as I get in into something more likely made of cotton and stretchy. Because when you're at home why be uncomfortable? Frankly, I can't believe that I've not written more about loungewear before as it's one of my favourite things to buy.

A CARDIGAN/blanket

Something that I used to wear a lot during my university and college days was cardigans but I fell a little out of love with them as I got older. But they are absolutely one of my favourite pieces to reach for whether I'm just nipping out or going to be spending a few hours on the sofa or at my desk. Especially the oversized chunky knit variety as they're the closest thing to wearing a blanket that you can find. Although I am partial to also wrapping myself in a blanket like that scene from The Simpsons where Lisa is the Lizard Queen. In a neutral colour they are a great wardrobe staple and can be paired with a bunch of things, my most recent find was from a vintage jumper seller at a carboot sale. A mere £10 for a wooly Aran knit cardigan with beautiful brown buttons, they are something you can always find second hand and they'll more than likely be better quality than something you'd buy from Primark.



T-shirts aren't something that I find myself wearing loads as frankly, it's not warm enough in the UK to always bare your limbs. But when I do pull one on then I want it to be softer than butter and a store that I always can find t-shirts to fit that brief is Brandy Melville. A store that has some questionable ethics, one size fits all? I don't think so. But if their clothing pieces do fit you then I really rate their t-shirts. They're always beautifully soft, wash well and stand the test of time as well as having a large selection to choose from. I always prefer to go for a slouchy soft t-shirt in general as they tend to fall better on the body than something really stiff and rigid. There's a reason why people seek out really worn in t-shirts, it's because they're the best.


I love leggings, I'm not afraid to admit that but something I'm not here for is anything see through. So you have to pick wisely which usually means paying out a little more but if they last and don't bare your bum to the unexpecting world then it's a much better option. Of course, I've got to mention my beloved but ridiculously overpriced Lululemon Align Pants. It hurts a little inside that I love a pair of leggings that are so expensive but I cannot deny how brilliant they are. They're like butter on the skin and are oh so flattering, they hug the body in all the right places. I know a lot of people have struggled with these going bobbly but that isn't something I've found to be a problem unless they are directly rubbing against something which is to expected then. H&M also sell great leggings as well as T K Maxx which are much more purse friendly than my beloved Align pants.


Probably the biggest love in my loungewear life is sweatpants, infact I wear them to work in more often than I should probably admit. But if it's business up top then why can't it be maximum comfort on the bottom? I always like to go something that is slim fitting as it's just more comfortable for me and also tends to be a little more flattering if you do need to nip out of the house in said sweatpants. I like to get mine from either Nike if I've got the funds, Jack Wills and then finally Tesco, all options from these stores tend to be long lasting and weighty too which is what I like to look for. For some, they love PJ pants more than anything but for me, it's sweatpants.


My boyfriend would probably call me a slipper expert at this point as I wear mine to death till they are hanging off my feet. But as I'm not a big lover of socks than I do love a good pair of slippers. Not as much as my two whippets love to steal them but that's another post for another time. If you're going to spend the money and really invest in something that will last you a good couple of years then I cannot recommend Ugg or Emu enough, they really are worth the investment. However, if you don't have the funds for something that pricey then again I really rate Tesco, T K Maxx and John Lewis for ballet shoe slippers which are my favourite style to go for. They're super lightweight so they're always comfortable to wear all day but they're usually faux fur lined making them super snug so your feet are still toasty even in the depths of winter.


what are your favourite loungewear pieces?

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