3 Cleansers To Use In The Shower In A Rush


Weirdly, it's rare that I see people talk about washing their face in the shower. Granted there is a lot of discussions out there about it being bad for our skin etc and typically I do wash my face over the sink because I don't shower every day. However, sometimes I do it in the shower, especially when I'm in a rush and just want to get my face clean as well as my body. So here are 3 cleansers [or face washes] that you can use in the shower when you just need to get out of the door. 


I've been using the micellar cleansing water from this new line from Simple and absolutely loving it so I was hoping that the face wash would deliver equally good results. Don't let the world gel scare you either as this isn't drying in the slightest and it's actually pretty hydrating like the name suggests. It doesn't do anything fancy, it just simply cleanses the skin and removes any remnants of makeup so I really like to use this in an AM to get everything off my face ready for makeup. It lathers up enough to feel like it's working but it doesn't foam up and subsequently feel tight or drying. And the best thing is that you can get this around your eye area and it doesn't feel like it's going to burn them out of your skull, which you know is always a plus.


There are lots of words in the title of this product that would typically make me go running. And it's certainly not something that I could use every day unless I had really oily skin. However, on the days when my skin is feeling really clogged and there are hormonal spots brewing, it's perfect. If you've not been a reader of my blog for a long time then you might not know my special relationship with Effaclar Duo, it's a range that completely changed the condition of my complexion and finally helped it to get back under control after a nasty bout of cystic acne. Anyway, this facial gel wash is perfect for those days you do feel a little blurgh and a little more oily and spotty than usual. As it clears things up so quickly and gets your skin back in check without being harsh and abrasive. Like I said, I don't use this daily basis as with a few uses I do notice it's a little drying for me as it is meant for oil control. Again it's not something that lathers like crazy and makes you feel like you're using fairy liquid on your skin.


Sadly I couldn't photograph this product as I've just got to the last drop of it. I've mentioned this unique cleanser from Pixi quite a few times over the past few months as it's something I've well and truly fallen for it. It's a cleanser that contains glycolic acid (5%) which is unlike anything else that I've used before and it brightened my skin beautifully. By gently sloughing away at anything lurking on my complexion revealing all those fresh baby skin cells underneath all the dead ones sitting on top of them. It is recommended that you build up your tolerance to this but I didn't find I had any issues as I use glycolic acid on a daily basis and it's never something I've found to cause aggravation. It's not something that you're going to want to use as a makeup remover but as a second cleanser or AM cleanse then it's such a beautiful product. I also find I can use this either with a flannel or in the shower which is great.

What are your favourite in shower skin products?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty