3 Fail Safe Triple Threat Facials

When I've got the time to do a three step facial. I always opt for it over just one mask. By doing those three steps I feel like I'm always getting everything I could possibly need in one big dose. It's something that works really well for my skin but I completely understand that it could be too overpowering for some. Here are 3 of my favourite triple threat facial combinations;


AESOP PARSLEY SEED MASQUE: This is one of the first deep cleansing masks that I ever used and truly loved. It made me realise the importance of having one in your routine. If you want a mask that will deep clean your pores suck out all the impurities lurking deep below without being left with a red angry complexion afterwards this is one to consider. It does dry down on the skin but it's not a mask that goes to that uncomfortable cracking stage which is a nightmare to remove. 

JURLIQUE FRUIT ENZYME EXFOLIATOR: Even though I love to use a chemical exfoliating toner on a daily basis sometimes my skin could do with just a little bit more brightening. Enter this mask from Jurlique, you wouldn't think something so lightweight could pack such a punch when it's come to brightening. When used during a breakout it helps to clear things up so much and minimise any possible scarring. 

THE BODY SHOP BOUNCY MASK*:  When it comes to hydrating masks I generally prefer to go for something that I can leave on overnight. The consistency of this mask from The Body Shop is slightly strange, it's actually bouncy [like the name suggests] and feels almost jelly like to the touch. You only need to massage a small amount onto the skin to notice a difference in your complexion. With regular use of this, in a trio or alone I always notice improvement in the plumpness and elasticity of my skin.


ORIGINS OUT OF TROUBLE MASK: If I'm really struggling with breakouts this is always a fail safe option to get things back in check. It's something I don't like to use all that often because it's quite intense and can be a little drying on the complexion. However once in a while, it's perfect for getting things on the road to recovery. Breakouts instantly feel calmer and less angry once applied and small breakouts can disappear overnight. 

ORIGINS MEGA MUSHROOM MASK: This mask is the absolute best I've ever found for reducing redness in the skin. So when you're suffering from a bad breakout or just general redness in your complexion it can be a huge help. Once you've taken that sting out of anything that you might not want on show it's always so much easier to conceal. 

UNA BRENNAN ROSE HYDRATING MASK: Like I said, in general, I prefer an overnight moisturising mask but this mask from Una Brennan is a great quick fix. You only need to apply it for 10 minutes to feel and see a difference and the rose scent makes it feel like such a luxe experience. It's a dream for dehydrated or dry skin but it's perfect for calming down a red and angry complexion. 


ELEMIS FRUIT ENZYME EXFOLIATING MASK*: When I need a mask that will not only give the skin a thorough cleanse but brighten things up at the same. This is what I reach for.  It's a lovely creamy consistency that is kind to even the driest of skins which is a struggle to find in something deep cleansing. The mixture of strawberry and kiwi helps to brighten and tighten and the skin without being too abrasive. It doesn't dry and set down to the skin making it a breeze to remove. 

TONY MOLY SNAIL MASK: The snail gel trend might be a complete fad but I've found this mask from Tony Moly to be a great skincare addition. Even after one use, I noticed a difference in the hydration of my complexion and appearance of scars less obvious. Over long periods of use, I've seen it help some of the really deep set scars on my chin to look a lot better and fresh marks are much less noticeable. 

DR JART WATER FUSE SLEEPING MASK*: If I'm struggling with breakouts and scarring I always like to keep on top of my hydration. This overnight option from Dr Jart is much more lightweight than The Body Shop mask but still offers the same boost of moisture. It locks everything into the skin but is almost traceless. So when you're battling a breakout your skin doesn't feel heavy or tacky which isn't desirable when it's feeling sore and stressed already. 

What is your favourite mask trio?

R x

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