5 Ways To Unwind Without A Screen

I'm constantly on the hunt for ways to relax and unwind without being glued to my laptop binge watching Grey's Anatomy. I find it difficult to just sit and relax, I need something to do that also happens to be a way to unwind from the day as well. So here are 5 awesome ways to do that without the need for Netflix. 


Adult colouring books were huge last year and I've been meaning to pick one up for a while.  Nothing made me happier as a child than a fresh pack of Crayola Crayons and a colouring book. In hindsight, the thought of being able to sit and shade away sounded seriously relaxing. Then when it came down to it I released that I'm far too particular about the colour palette for my illustrated animals. So that took the relaxing element away from it ever so slightly. However if you're not like me who cares too much about colours and staying in the lines. I can really see the appeal of them, there are so many available and they're beautifully illustrated. 


I'm currently trying to challenge myself to try new things or pick up things that I used to do. Knitting is one of those things, as a child, I used to know how as my mum taught me. As she's not around anymore I can't pick her brain about it. So I'm hoping YouTube and blogs are going come to the rescue. In my mind I'm envisioning I'll be able to knit big beautiful scarves and throws but in reality, I'm probably just not that crafty. 


I used to love keeping a diary. I would sit and write in it every evening but once I grew up the idea of keeping a journal or diary seemed kind of silly. Until the Kikki.K Mindfulness Journal* came into my life and everything changed. It's not something that needs to be done every day so it's not something that will become a chore. I personally love the Kikki.K journals because each one of them has a theme of something that you can work towards. 


A classic and fail-safe way to unwind without the need for a screen is by reading. Recently I fell off the reading band waggon slightly and I forgot just how wonderful getting lost in a good book is. Not only is it seriously therapeutic but it's something that you can learn so much from. Relaxing is awesome but when you get to unwind and learn at the same it's always just that little bit sweeter. 


I probably sound like a broken record when it comes to talking about cross stitch but I seriously love it. I wish I'd got into it earlier because it's quickly become my favourite thing to do in my free time. Having a project where I've got a set guideline of things to do is something that works really well for me and my brain. It meets the need of doing something productive but it's so cathartic and slightly mind numbing [in the best way possible]. And then once you're done you can display your artwork proudly. 

What are your favourite ways to unwind without a screen?

R x

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