3 Heavy Duty Concealers Worth Trying


Concealer is a beauty product that I just don't love, it's something that I've said time and time again on this blog. But it's a product that I find very necessary for covering up blemishes and dark circles so it's a catch 22 situation. Over the past couple of years, I've been on the quest to find concealers that not only do what they're formulated to do but are a pleasure to use. And here are the heavy duty options that I've come to love and will happily slather on my scarred complexion to give the illusion of perfected but natural skin.



IT Cosmetics have just launched into the UK which is very exciting and one product that I've been sampling from the brand is the cult Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer*. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from it as it comes in a tube which isn't is the norm when it comes to concealer although I will say that it makes it far more hygienic in the long run. This is a VERY thick concealer which is so pigmented it covers up everything, which of course is good and what you want but you can then run into the issue of it making you look a little too deadpan under the eyes. You need a tiny amount and I mean tiny because the second you squeeze out too much it becomes impossible to work with. However, with the right amount and a good brush, this is excellent, particularly if you suffer from dark circles and general discolouration in the area. But just be aware it can be a little too concealing at times and an illuminating pen might be your new best friend. 


Yes, I know this technically isn't a concealer but that's how I've been preferring to use it. I always misjudged foundation sticks and thought they would be heavy and cakey on the skin but this isn't at all. It's soft and buttery, glides onto the skin with ease and conceals like a dream. I use this on my chin and around my nose and it covers up the redness and scarring that I have in that area wonderfully. Even though it's so full coverage it's still very skin-like and natural but just a more perfected version of your complexion. Which is exactly what I want from my concealer, I don't want my skin to look fake and heavy and then rub off on absolutely everything I'm wearing. This is one of those products that you could easily just conceal the areas you're not so happy with and then skip foundation.


The name of this product is totally off, it's not radiant in the slightest so if you're looking for something that may possibly illuminate the under eye area then this is not what you want. However as a general all over concealer then I do really like this, it's not very soft or silky in its formulation meaning that it's probably not going to be the greatest on drier skin types. However, if you're more oily and need something to really adhere to your skin you will more likely love this. It's pretty full coverage and works so well with discolouration and blemishes, not really one for under the eyes as it can look a little too heavy but everywhere else it's' perfect. Like I said, it's not that soft or silky but it is easy to work with which is key and it works very well with direct spot concealing. 


What are your favourite heavy duty concealers?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty