3 Podcasts I Think You'll Love


I'm very into podcasts at the moment now I'm back into the swing of things with work. I listen to podcasts when I'm working, taking pictures, editing, cooking, cleaning and well just about anything. And as I know you guys love podcasts too I thought I would share some of the best ones I've been listening to lately.


From the amazing Liv Purvis and Charlotte Jacklin, The Fringe Of It is a beautiful conversation between friends. They're only a few episodes in but they've already covered topics like female friendship and the comparison trap. When listening to TFOI it feels like a hug for your mind, the two aren't afraid, to be honest, and share intimate and honest details of their lives. As well as covering awesome topics they always have a little catch up at the beginning of all the episodes and share what they've been buying or watching on tv lately which is always an interesting conversation.

My favourite episode so far has been Discussing Defining Success & Ambition


This is a new podcast from Fearne Cotton, after listening to her episode with Bryony Gordon I was so excited to give it a listen. The episode surrounds the guest's happy place and what makes them really tick as well as having a general conversation about life. Although, an incredibly well known individual Fearne is so honest and raw in these conversations and it's true delight to listen to. My favourite episode so far has been with the amazing Stephen Fry, someone I truly admire and whenever I listen to him on a podcast it's always an honour to hear him speak. 


I'm not quite sure why I've become so obsessed with this podcast as I'm not even sure that I'll ever have children. But every week I wait with excitement for the Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast from Giovanna Fletcher. The way that she talks about motherhood is so beautifully honest and it makes the whole thing seem a lot less terrifying which I think is what everyone needs. I'm not afraid to say that I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to children so it's reassuring to hear that even when you have a baby you can still feel that way. I loved the episode that she did with her husband Tom, it was so lovely to hear them talk together as a couple on the topic of parenthood. 


What are your favourite podcasts right now?