4 Bases For 3 Skin Concerns

Foundation is my makeup jam. I've become a well-seasoned player in the base playing field and trailed so many formulas whilst dealing with many skin issues. I'm going to share my top 4 with you today that can still work no matter what state your complexion might be in. 


YSL LE TEINT TOUCHE ECLAT: When dry patches are playing havoc with the overall look of your complexion it's best to reach for a base that won't cling on to them. Enter this beautiful base from YSL, it's liquid light in a bottle and will not only add a lot of radiance to the skin it glides over any dry patches with ease. It's great not only for those who suffer from dry skin but sad sallow skin too. It's a lightweight base that can be built up to whatever level of coverage you desire without ever going cakey or gathering in unsightly clumps. 


L'OREAL TRUE MATCH: As my skin typically leans towards the oily spectrum it's the skin concern that I've got the most experience with. The L'oreal True Match Foundation is a great base for those who are working with a limited budget, it's got a lovely natural finish so ideal for everyday wear. I've found it works the best when my skin has a little more of a slick to it as it sets down so can have the tendency to gather on dry patches. It has great lasting power but even when it does start to eventually wear down it does so in an even fashion. 

LAURA MERCIER SILK CREME: When you're tackling an oily skin type it's all too tempting to reach for something that is going to mattify the skin and suck all the life out your complexion. The Laura Mercier Silk Creme is the perfect base [in my eyes] for maintaining a healthy balance between radiance and long lasting. Like the name suggest it's a cream formula, but it doesn't feel heavy on the complexion even though it is a full coverage base. If you're out the house all day and need your foundation to last all day without any need for touch ups then I highly suggest the LM Silk Creme. 


YSL YOUTH LIBERATOR: For years, I didn't realise there was a difference between a dry and dehydrated skin type. It's rare that I suffer from dryness these days but dehydration is a serious issue for me. It leaves my skin looking dull and sallow so I want a base that will add life to the skin without chunks of glitter or shimmer which can leave you looking slightly Cullen-like. So a gel formulated base like this from YSL is perfect as it can still work on an oily skin type but helps to add radiance to the skin without being too much. 

What are your favourite base options?

R x

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