How To Be Super Productive In A/W


Maintaining the get-up and go attitude when the weather is bleak can be difficult. It's all too tempting to hide in your cozy duvet fort and pretend the outside world doesn't exist but, of course, that isn't an option. So if like me you struggle to uphold your productivity levels in the colder months than today's post might be just for you. 


When the nights start drawing in and you wake up in the dark it can be difficult to want to do anything. Good light is so important, of course, in A/W we're not blessed with the natural daylight so this is where you can get creative with your lighting set up. Something that completely changed my environment was switching to cool temperature light bulbs (energy efficient, of course). By simulating an almost natural light, it helps so much with your energy levels instead of a warm light that can make you want to curl up in a blanket. 


Summer is generally a busy time for us all and I think we all crave a slower pace when the colder months come around and it's more acceptable to stay in. I often forget how important rest is for a generally more productive lifestyle, although the thrill of working hard is appealing so is resting. Working crazy hard and pushing your limits constantly only results in a burn out which can be difficult to come back from. Finding a balance between work and rest can be incredibly difficult but by taking real good care of yourself you'll instantly feel so much more productive. 


Whenever the seasons change so does my workspace. Creating an environment that excites you and entices you to get stuff done is a fail safe way to improve your productivity levels. My favourite way to switch up my space is by making it a lot cozier with the addition of blankets and candles. Fresh scents are always perfect for a workspace so candles like Jo Malone Pine & Eucalyptus Candle* is an ideal scent for the current season. And well the addition of blankets is a no brainer really, you've got to keep warm! 

Make The Most Of The Indoors

If there is ever a time for us homebodies to rejoice in it being socially acceptable to stay indoors it's now. During the summer, it's easy to put off those jobs that need doing like clearing out your wardrobe and putting items on eBay or filing away receipts for your looming tax return. But, when the weather is rubbish and it's nice and cosy inside it's the perfect time to get those jobs done. Just pop on some good music and your favourite loungewear and it will make those menial tasks so much better. 


Planning is key for anybody who wants to be a little bit more productive, no matter what time of year it is. For me, the easiest way to start planning is to write a list including every element that needs to be done for whatever task I'm doing. Lists are a fail-safe way to get stuff done and ticking things off said list is a super satisfying feeling. 


It's easy to slip into bad habits but what better time to break them with the arrival of a new season? It's also like setting yourself a mini challenge and that is great way to feel productive once again. It can be as small as leaving your phone on the other side of the room which is a known distraction and time waster. Or it could be completely switching around your work process, it's completely up to you. 

Do you have any tips for staying productive in A/W?

R x

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