4 Brushes To Try For Your Base

Anything to do with base products from brushes to new foundation formulations is by far my favourite beauty area to explore. And I can be a little bit of a brush snob but in general, I look for a few simple things like good quality bristles, no shedding, general design and usability. And I've been trialling quite a few new brush options lately and they've been so good that I just had to share them with you today. 


Something I was unaware of is that BareMinerals are the most sought after brush brand in the UK. But after testing out their Precision Face Brush it's not too hard to understand why. The PFB is a flat top angled brush that's incredibly dense with synthetic hairs so it's incredibly soft. What I love about brushes that are made with synthetic bristles is that they never tend to soak up product so you're not getting through your bases quicker. Angled brushes aren't something that I'm used to but it makes it so much easier to get into the contours of the face. Or if you were to use this brush for something like contouring then you could easily create defined lines. Not only are the synthetic hairs soft and easy to work with making blending and buffing a complete breeze. But they also wash well and don't stain with colour which is a great trait to have in a brush. 


When I first started blogging duo-fibre brushes like this were incredibly popular. I used to use an Elf Brush that was the same design as this and I absolutely adored it for blending it bases that are a little heavier in formulation.  The bristles are fine and light on the end and denser towards the centre. And the small detailed bristles make it simple to build up coverage in the areas that you need it and create a really airbrushed finish. One of the only downsides to brushes like that is that they tend to need washing a little more due as product tends to become built up and then the brush is difficult to work with.  


Zoeva is my all time favourite brand to get my brushes from. They're great quality, affordable, designed beautifully, stand the test of time and wash well. There really is little else you could want from your brushes. The Zoeva Silk Finish brush has reigned supreme in my base application routine for years. But I've spoken about it many times so I thought I'd spare you another love letter and share another awesome brush from the brand. The Buffer Brush makes light work of blending and buffing your base in within seconds. It's dense enough to create a flawless finish on the skin but the bristles aren't so tightly packed that they just absorb all the product.  If you want a brush to do all the hard work for you then this is one to try. 


This is a brush that could be used for any base product from concealer to mineral powder. It's such a good multi-tasker and it could even be used for contouring or highlighting due to its design so it's an awesome brush to have in your beauty arsenal. It's a little bit smaller than my other typical base brush options which makes it perfect for getting into all of the contours of the face like around the eyes and nose. I'm used to quite short stubby handles on my brushes but this has a long tapered handle which makes it easier to work with as you have more flexibility and range with it. The Look Good Feel Better brand is linked to an awesome charity so you're not only getting a beautiful brush but you're donating to those in need too. 

What are your favourite brushes for your base?

R x

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