6 Of My Favourite Homebody Activities

It's no secret at this point that I'm a complete homebody and nothing makes me happier than spending the night just pottering around at home. And I know from my comment section that I'm not alone in my homebody ways. So I've rounded up some my favourite activities to share with you and of course, I want to know all about yours. 


Something that I've always loved doing since I was a child is rearranging my room. And when you spend so much time in your surroundings it's all too easy to get bored and want to switch things up. But repainting or buying new furniture isn't always an option but having a little rearrange is always something that's feasible. The phrase home styling makes me cringe a little bit as I'm obviously not an interior designer but it's something I thoroughly enjoy. And generally, A/W is my favourite time to do it as the seasons are changing and things from the warmer months can be tucked away.  


I think a lot of people presume to take pictures they need to be out and about, in a studio or photographing people. But setting up small still life set ups at home is one of the best ways to build on your skills [I think]. And even though you might not ever use the images it doesn't mean it's a waste of time. When you're getting into photography or you have a new camera taking pictures of everything and anything can not only help you explore the workings of your camera. But it's really valuable for getting to know what your equipment is capable of.  Even if you don't have any interest in what's in your surroundings it's a great challenge to push yourself out of your comfort zone and practice something you might not be all that interested in otherwise. 


Probably the classic homebody activity alongside watching Netflix. I used to be able to read absolutely everywhere but now it's something that's strictly an at-home activity. It's something that when I've had a really long day or I feel worked up, anxious and worrying about everything can instantly take me into another world away from my thoughts. And whilst reading is a classic downtime activity for me it's also something I think is great for helping for learning and building on writing skills. I've spoken before about writing not being something that comes naturally to me and I never knew how to start building on my skills. But reading more and more on a wide spectrum is something that's helped so much. 


As much as I love binge watching tv shows [my latest fix being Gilmore Girls] I'm a huge lover of watching documentaries. You still get the chance to wind down and relax but you're also learning something at the same time. I did a post all about my favourites which you can catch up with here if you fancy adding some to your to watch list. 


Call it an old lady hobby but ever since taking up knitting earlier in the year it's something that I've absolutely adored doing. And not only is it something that's so calming and cathartic but you get something you can use out of it by the end. And wool is something that's easy to find in charity shops and it's much cheaper than places like Hobbycraft so it's a budget-friendly activity too. 


Going out and #treatingyoself to a manicure or even a facial is something that's an awesome self-care practice but it's something that I've always loved doing in the comfort of my home. I always like to make sure that I carve out some time in my schedule so that I can slick on a fresh manicure or treat my skin to some of my favourite masks. They're reasonably small things-to-do but they make all the difference in the world to how I feel. And a fresh manicure is something that makes me feel prepared to take on anything. 

What are your favourite things to-do at home?

R x

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