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As we're approaching the prime festive period when you're probably taking some time off work it's the perfect time to add some new blogs to your reading list and here are 4 of my most recent favourites. Whenever I do these posts I always feel a little guilty that I can't include all the blogs that I love but there are just so many and I'm discovering new reads all the time so it's just not possible. 


I've stumbled across Anna's blog a few times but one day I decided to have a proper browse and I'm so happy that I did. She focuses on lifestyle content predominantly but covers an awesome range of topics and her posts are always some of my favourites to read. Her latest post on her career journey was fascinating, it made me have a good think about my own history as I've got nearly 10 years worth of jobs behind me. 


Carrie's blog is one of my all time favourite reads but ever since her relaunch a few months ago it just seems better than ever. Her style and photography are so distinguishable that and whenever I'm looking through her posts I'm totally gooey eyed over her photography skills. She's got an awesome way with words and even in her style posts she gives you some words to get invested in as well. Even though I'm sure you will all know of WWW by now if you don't then head over to her blog asap. 

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What initially drew me to Rosie's blog is that she writes incredibly heartfelt posts. Her latest 'Honest To Blog' post really struck a cord with me, I often feel that exact same way and know how hard it can be to feel like you're trapped in a prison made of your own thoughts. ARO has an awesome mix of posts ranging from personal style to lists of her current favourite things which I always look forward to popping up on my feed on a Friday morning. 


Sophie's blog is one that I've been visiting for years but I'm not sure I've ever included it in a post. She's one of the sweetest girls I've met through blogging which always makes me love a blog so much more when I know an awesome person is behind the screen. Her photography is absolutely beautiful, she is super talented when it comes to styling images and her props are always so well thought out. Awesome photography aside her content is great too and it covers everything from beauty to lifestyle. 

What are your current favourite blogs? 

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