4 Flawless Bases

Whilst I can happily dabble in the world of more lightweight bases my heart will always truly lie with those that offer more medium to full coverage. I find that when I have a great base it ups my confidence ten fold and creates a solid foundation for any other makeup that I will apply. Having a base that offers up more coverage doesn't mean that it has to look caked on or heavy they can still look natural and feel lightweight on the skin and I've rounded up my favourites to share with you today. 

CLINIQUE EVEN BETTER FOUNDATION: If this base had a better colour selection than it would be my number one base choice. It blends seamlessly into the skin and is pretty undetectable whilst still offering up a solid medium coverage. And it covers up the majority of imperfections without needing a lot of layers of product. Even without the use of a primer or any other correcting products it gives the skin a completely flawless finish and lasts incredibly well too even when the weather is seriously hot and humid. 

CLAUDIA LOUCH HD FOUNDATION*: HD foundations aren't something that I'm all interested in because it's not something that I need in my everyday life. However HD qualities aside, this base melts into the skin, giving the complexion a completely perfected look whilst still looking incredibly fresh. The formulation is a little more difficult to work with as it's quite thick is consistency. But with just a little bit of extra effort and a good brush, it leaves a beautiful finish on the skin. It is a pricey base option so if you really want to treat yourself then it's perfect but there are cheaper alternatives out there. 

YSL YOUTH LIBERATOR: For a long time, this was my all time favourite base even though it's ridiculously expensive it just works so well. It makes my skin look like how I wished it looked without the use of any foundation. It's so natural on the skin that it's barely detectable but can be built up with ease. As it's a gel consistency it's incredibly forgiving on dry skin but works just as well on oily complexions. As always with YSL foundations, they are fragranced so if that's not something that works for your skin then I wouldn't advise trying them. 

MAKE UP FOREVER HD ULTRA FOUNDATION*: Another HD base option and this a lot different to all the other options listed here it's the only one that's more of a matte finish on the skin. I don't know how this compares to the original MUFE foundation but I can't imagine it's dramatically different [correct me if I'm wrong]. Even though this does settle down to more of a matte finish on the skin it doesn't suck all life away from the complexion or make the face look heavy, it's incredibly light and blends seamlessly. I'd definitely say this is a foundation for those with combination skin. As if your skin is incredibly dry I can imagine it wouldn't wear that well and if your skin is super oily it would probably just slip and slide away. 

What are your favourite flawless bases?

R x

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