6 Books To Take Awesome Life Lessons From

My love for reading has been well documented on this blog over the last couple of years. And as much as I love getting lost in a good story nothing quite beats my passion for a book that I can learn from. I've rounded up my favourites to share with you today and I hope if you read them too then you'll also learn some awesome life lessons. 

QUIET - SUSAN CAIN: Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert there is so much learn in the pages of Quiet. As an introvert, I found myself relating so much to the book and even though it contains a lot of case studies it's not at all difficult to follow. And it's awesome to be able to learn what makes us up at people from a more scientific viewpoint. I love that Quiet shines the light on introverted people who have achieved undoubtedly incredible things in their lives and not let that part of themselves hold them back in any way. As often in our society being introverted is seen as a negative thing and something that hinders people's lives instead of being something that can actually enhance it. 

SALI HUGHES - PRETTY HONEST: Out of all the beauty books out there my favourite by far is Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes. I absolutely adore her approach to every topic in beauty and the honesty that goes alongside it. It's the perfect book for beauty beginners and people who just generally love the topic and don't want to have to wade through the jargon that is traditionally found in beauty literature. For me, Pretty Honest is like my beauty bible and it's something that I find myself coming back to on a nearly weekly basis. 

AMY POEHLER - YES PLEASE: Amy Poehler is a woman that I've found fascinating for years as she's the writer of some of my all time favourite tv shows and films. She's got such an incredibly approach to equality and how we treat each other in the world. Yes Please is jam packed full of fascinating stories behind Amy's career but my favourite chapter has to be the final one about technology and how we all rely just a little too much on our machinery. Even though there are some awesome lessons throughout the book it's so lighthearted and super easy to read. 

THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER - STEPHAN CHBOSKY: This is a coming of age novel and a lot different to all the others mentioned in this post. It follows the main character Charlie who is a true introvert and is incredibly shy all throughout high school and him navigating those tough years. I love the way this book is written as it's a series of letters written to an anonymous person divulging all Charlie's true feelings. It's hard to pinpoint just one reason why this such a great book to learn from but it's such a beautiful read. The film is also a great watch if you don't feel like committing to the book. 

REASONS TO STAY ALIVE - MATT HAIG: I mentioned this book in my latest round up of recent reads and even in the short time since that post went up it's a book that that I've returned to. Whether you suffer from mental health issues or not this is a beautiful book. It makes you look at so many elements of life from a completely different perspective and it's not at all preachy. It's only a short book but it's one that can have a huge impact on your life and make you feel so grateful to be alive. 

TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS - CHERYL STRAYED: Tiny Beautiful Things is one of those books that you'll find yourself relating to in so many ways that you won't ever want it to end. It's a collection of advice columns answered from 'Sugar' who is Cheryl's online persona and they're all centred around the topic of love. And even though this advice obviously isn't directly aimed at you I think we can all relate to the problems of her readers and have all found ourselves in their shoes at some point. I know it gave me a total epiphany about the way I feel about certain romantic situations and how to approach things in the future. 

What are your favourite books to learn from?

R x

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