4 Make-Up Free Essentials


-post contains PR samples-

These days I go makeup free for about 70% of the week and I can’t say that was ever something I imagined myself doing. Applying my most loved products is something that I absolutely adore doing and savour the time that I get to do it. But going makeup-free makes me just as happy these days. Feeling happy and free in my skin is a feeling that I never thought I’d be able to have but now I am I'm making the most of it. All that being said going makeup-free doesn’t mean skipping out on my beauty routine completely and these are my most loved products to apply when I’m foregoing makeup.


bareminerals complexion rescue defense (gifted)

You’ve probably seen me talk about the original bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturiser as that's one of my favourite lightweight bases to reach for. And I’ve never used or seen another product like this which makes it such a standout in my collection. It’s got a unique formulation as it has a light pearl finish which helps boost radiance within the skin and evens out the complexion without the inclusion of heavy silicones. This is not only an SPF 30 which is ideal for the majority of the weather in the UK but it’s also been formulated to protect the skin against harsh blue lights. Which is brilliant as we all probably spend far too much time staring at our phones. You can wear this alone to give the skin a little boost but it does sit beautifully under any base I’ve used on top of it.


avene eau thermale very high sun protection (gifted from a previously paid COLLABORATION)

We’ve not had that many seriously sunny days in the UK where I’ve skipped out on makeup but for when the sun is out and beaming this is what I reach for. Typically SPF’s that are so high and protect against UVA and UVB rays don’t sit that comfortably on the skin but this does and even better it mattifies without drying out the complexion. This feels incredibly comfortable on the skin throughout the day and it sinks in quickly so you’re not left with a white cast. You could happily use this underneath makeup if you’re an oily girl and your base of choice doesn’t contain any SPF.


clinique city block sheer 25 spf (gifted from a previously paid COLLABORATION)

This is my all year round SPF and hands down my favourite that I’ve ever used. The city block line from Clinique is a cult classic for city dwellers as it helps protect against the dirt and grime that is rife in cities, not something I experience too much residing in a small village but it’s still nice to know I have that extra bit of protection. What I love the most about this SPF is that it contains a small amount of tint that perfects the skin without the need for any base products. It’s an oil-free SPF but it doesn’t feel at all drying and just wicks away any moisture from the skin that you might not want there. As well as being a great day to day SPF it’s another great one to wear under makeup, in particular, I find this good to go underneath something like the bareMinerals Original Foundation for minimal makeup days.


figs & rouge morning glow drops (gifted)

A somewhat new item in my routine are these beautiful glow drops from Figs & Rouge. I’ve been adding a drop of these into any type of base product I’ve been using whether that be a moisturiser or an SPF as they really do add the most beautiful glow to the complexion. You only need a really small amount otherwise it’s easy to go overboard and then it doesn’t look quite as pretty or sit as well with other products. The pearlescent pink works beautifully with my skin as I’m quite fair but I think this is something that could work for everyone as it’s not got a crazy strong pink tone to it. I love reaching for this on the days when my skin is really looking tired and lackluster and it’s an instant brightener. And aside from the dreamy glow that it gives the skin, it’s got a really lovely ingredients list with things like rosewater, calendula, and glycerin too.


what are your favourite make-up free essentials?