Style Investments I Want To Make In 2019


Investing in different style pieces has become something that I absolutely love doing. And for me, when it comes to buying something that’s fairly expensive I always like to make a list as not only do I find this helps me when it comes to spending money. But, it also helps me make sure that it’s going to be something that I really get good use out of and it’s not a flippant purchase as those are typically the items that I always end up regretting and there is nothing worse than knowing you’ve bought something you’re not going to get the most out of. So far this year I’ve not invested in much style wise as the I find the investment purchases I want to make tend to be more suited towards the colder weather and even though the sun has only just come out A/W is going to roll around quickly enough and this is what I want to invest in.


barbour Kelsall wax jacket

My Barbour jacket is my all time favourite coat when it comes to the colder months but when it snows or is in the minuses then it’s not quite warm enough. Which is why I want to invest in the parka version of the classic wax jacket as I know it’s just a touch thicker and the faux fur trimmed hood is always key when it comes to my winter coats. What I love so much about the classic Barbour style is that you can wear it on a walk as it’s seriously practical but you can also wear it out into town etc and you still feel put together and smart. These coats are pricey but there’s a good reason for it as the quality is absolutely beautiful and they’re a timeless wardrobe staple.


patagonia Better sweater jacket

I bought a jacket from Patagonia last year and in early Autumn and Spring, it’s something I wear a lot whether that be walking the dogs or just inside the house. And Patagonia is a brand I not only love the aesthetic of but they’re a really brilliant company in terms of sustainability which is what I want to try and support more with my clothing purchases. These jackets are perfect either worn alone on mild days but they make a great base layer underneath a coat for when it’s really cold. They have a huge range of beautiful shades to choose from but I think the classic grey is what will work best with my wardrobes colour palette.


petit bateau striped knit

This may be a shock to you but I don’t own any striped jumpers, yes that’s right. Despite my complete obsession with the classic Breton I haven’t yet invested in a knitted Breton but I really want to change that and I think I’ve found one from one of my most admired brands Petit Bateau. This beautiful knit is slightly different from any other striped clothing piece I own as well due to the white banding at the top and bottom as well as the button detail on the shoulder.


lululemon align pants

I already own a pair of these crazy expensive leggings and as much as it pains me to say this...I want another pair. They are hands down the most comfortable and flattering pair of leggings that I own, everything you’ve heard about them is true. What I love the most is how comfortable but supportive they are around my stomach as that is something I can struggle with as I’m forever bloated so anything too tight is a complete no go. It pains me how much money they are as I can’t say they are truly worth that much as beautiful as they are, I wish they weren’t so expensive as I’d love a rose pair for the gym as they’re a lovely colour.


dr martens lenore boot

This is not a purchase that I intended on making anytime soon as last year I bought the Dr. Marten Zillow Chelsea Boots and absolutely adored them. They were exactly what I wanted and I was so happy with the purchase but a few months ago I noticed an issue with the zip. It slowly and slowly got worse until I couldn’t wear them anymore without needing to constantly pull the zip up and it was so upsetting. Thankfully, Dr. Martens have a year warranty when you purchase from them directly so I was able to send the boots back and get a full refund. I still really love the brand and I think my next investment from them which will hopefully be one that lasts me more than a year is the Lenore boot. I love the faux fur shearling lining as that will keep my feet super snug during the cooler months.



My beloved Converse of 8 years have pretty much given up on me. The heel has become so worn that the plastic is now exposed which makes them really pretty uncomfortable to wear. And even though I love the Converse style I think I want to go for something different this time and the Superga is a style that I’ve loved for a long time. After doing a poll on Instagram they came up as a firm favourite by so many and apparently way more comfortable than Converse too which is a big selling point for me. A downside people did mention is that they do get a lot dirtier than Converse due to the style of the toe meaning these might have to be kept for dry days so they’re not completely ruined within a year. Paired with a simple sweatshirt and leggings or a Breton dress I think these are going to a great addition to my wardrobe.


what style pieces do you want to invest in?

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