4 Primers That Perform


During my time away from work something that I did a lot more than I expected was trailing new items and going through my beauty stash. Not even the name of research but because I wanted to try and get rid of anything out of my dresser that I don't really love. One of my favourite areas of beauty is anything related to base, maybe it's from all my years of having bad skin but it's always my most loved part of my routine as well as the best to try out. I do believe primer is one of those products that you either love and use daily or deem it useless, as you've probably guessed I absolutely adore it and here are the ones I'm pretty into at the moment.



This was a pretty hyped up release from the brand last year and whenever I mentioned this particular item the same questions always come up without fail. The main being, is it worth the price? This primer is a whopping £50 which is an awful lot of money for any beauty product. But in this products defence, it does have skin benefits too and is a hybrid item so it has more than one use. To be honest, I've never seen a huge difference in the condition of my skin when using this but its priming abilities are absolutely superb. I like to use this not only when I wear makeup but also when I'm forgoing any other base items as it perfects the skin and due to the inclusion of pro-biotics I know it's kind to the skin rather than clogging it up as it's silicone free too. It creates such a beautiful canvas [like the name suggests] for any other product you might apply over the top, my skin looks plump and juicy but not laden with product or slippy. It glides over any pores helping lessen the appearance with them too which means I find any other base items tend not to sit in them which can often be an issue. My skin not only looks better when I use this but it also feels lovely too, so often I find primers can sometimes leave a slightly tacky finish to the skin which can be problematic but I don't find this to happen at all with this. So yes, whilst it is a very pricey product if you do have the budget for this type of beauty item then I really stan by it. But there are some really lovely primers out there that aren't that expensive.


I'm not really sure that this product can be classed as a primer but it doesn't quite fit into any other base product category either. It's an add-on product to your beauty routine as it's concentrated drops of colour that you can either mix into your moisturiser or your primer. Enriched with ginseng [an incredible way of brightening the complexion] as well as being nourishing to the skin too. It's a one shade for all type of affair, which is problematic as of course, we aren't all the same shade and this isn't going to be able to work for everyone. As I sheer this out with the use of a primer I don't really get much of a hint of colour from it and use it more to even things out and give my skin a little bit of an extra glow. If you're not really into makeup but still want something that can help blur any imperfections, add a glow and improve skin texture than this is something that is very, very nice. But of course, it's whether it can work for you in terms of colour. 



This is a primer that I find myself coming back to time and time again. It's a fail-safe that works no matter what the condition of my skin. When things are feeling a little more like an oil slick than it keeps things balanced and in check. And then when things are feeling slightly tight and uncomfortable then it works beautifully due to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid which is an ingredient I'm always a fan of in my base products. If you struggle with your base sticking around and want something that will help it stay around all day then this might not be for you as that's not what the primer is for. But if you need something to prep and smooth over your complexion it's lovely and something I imagine could work for a multitude of skin types. The pink slightly iridescent tone to this moisturiser esque product is something that adds a little bit of a glow and lends a helping hand when your complexion might looking ever so slightly worse for wear. Out of everything in this primer roundup I would say this is the one that is most suited to the majority of people. 

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer*

If you don't like silicone-based primers than you will absolutely hate this, and I thought my skin would freak out when using this but it's ok. It really reminds me of the Benefit Porefessional which I had a disastrous experience with. It's very slippery in consistency and feels like it would make the complexion greasy but I've not found that and truthfully I don't know why I love this quite as much as I do because it's typically something I would stay away from. It's packed with gold flecks of glitter, which thankfully I've found don't transition onto the skin and they certainly do look pretty in the gold-clad bottle. It creates a very smooth silky veil over the skin ready for anything else you want to apply over the top. I don't find it exactly blurs my pores but it certainly smoothes over them ever so slightly as well as making my skin feel pretty velvety. So another one that is great if you want something to boost the appearance of your skin without the need for a multitude of other products. Whilst I get along really well with this primer I would say it's one to be careful with if you have very sensitive skin or find yourself breaking out when using too many silicones as I imagine this will cause some issues. 



What are your favourite primers?

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