My Favourite Small & independent Businesses To Buy From & Support


It's probably no secret considering this blog used to be predominantly about beauty products that I'm very much into consumerism. But the way that I consume material items has changed so much over the years and something that I'm on the quest to do is not only buy less but buy more from small & independent businesses and second hand so I'm not feeding into the fast fashion way of spending. So I thought today I would share some of my most loved small businesses that feel really good to support as you get to see where your money is going and what it can mean for a business. 



I can't quite remember how I connected with Rebecca, one half of Wildflower Illustration Co but I know it was through finding her Instagram and falling in love with it. And not just because she has an adorable Whippet cross called Martha, but I do love seeing Martha's adventures. Rebecca and her husband Karl are the creators behind Wildflower Illustration Company and it's such a lovely company based in my old university town. They not only sell prints of their illustrations as well as creating custom bespoke orders they've recently just launched the Wildflower Paper Club. A monthly subscription box containing everything from cards and postcards to letter paper as well as stickers. Each box is different to fit in with the seasons which is such a beautiful twist on a subscription service. If you've never read my blog then you might not know that I'm a little bit obsessed with paper products and a well thought out and considered card is something I find really important. As I always put a lot into the cards I give and I also tend to frame special cards too and that is something you could definitely do with anything from Wildflower. 


Sonni of Sonni & Blush first got in contact with me through Instagram a few years ago and I'm so glad she did as her prints have become a staple in my gallery walls. She sells prints, cards, candles and tote bags so there are many beautiful products to choose from. I'm currently eying up this beautiful bag, such a perfect piece for summer. The story behind S&B is absolutely wonderful;

We have a strong desire to create both beautiful pieces for your home and make an impact in the world. To reflect our desire for positive change, we donate 10% of all proceeds from our product sales to help young girls in Uganda and Sierra Leone get access to education. This cause is very close to our hearts, and we know that with your help, we can truly make a difference in the lives of thousands of girls in these developing countries. - Sonni & Blush 

For a small brand to be able to do that is absolutely incredible. And something else pretty awesome that the brand does is that all their designs are printed on recycled paper. So not only do you get a wonderful piece of art on your wall but it's kind to the environment too.

my favourite products from WIldflower illustration Co



For a long time, I struggled to find my all-time favourite stationery company Rifle Paper Co in the UK. But one website that has always stocked them is Papermash as well as a whole host of other unique paper brands and it's always my favourite place to peruse.  And if you're a lover of washi tape then you will definitely want to browse their website as they have so many amazing choices. Websites like Papermash are such an incredible way to support smaller brands as it makes them easier to discover. I think that can often be the battle with indie businesses, it's not that people don't want to shop from them it's that they're not always the easiest to discover. Especially if you're not a dab hand with Instagram or the world of blogs as that is generally the two places that I find out about most brands that I now love. So if you're a lover of Rifle Paper Co and that style of stationery than the other brands that Papermash stock will more than likely be up your street. They have a lot of Korean stationery too which I absolutely adore, you might recognise those pastel pens they stock as they've featured in my photographs for years and they're damn good writers.


Moving on from all the stationery and paper brands now and onto my other biggest passion in life...dogs. When we got our long doggo Josie I realised that having a whippet is a whole different ball game when it comes to just about everything. Due to her swan-like neck, she can't have standard dog collars and the girl currently has more coats than I do due to her body type, she can't retain heat too well so she needs something to keep her warm. Fetch & Follow is from two friends, Genesta and Taneale as well as their pups who are the first to test the products and make sure they're up to scratch. The brand not only sell products that are sighthound friendly but they cater to all pups and their products are absolutely beautiful. Josie has a coat as well as lead and collar set and they're both so beautiful and really help up this winter. Much like most things in life something that I've learnt when it comes to buying dog clothing and leather goods is that you get what you pay for. And as Josie is such an active pup and is constantly sprinting through the trees and splashing through puddles she really needs something that can withstand that and be used time after time. They stock pretty everything you could need for your pup, I'm thinking about buying Josie the sherpa fleece as well as giving some of their treats a try.

shop my favourites from papermash



Following along on the four-legged friend theme is Whiskers & Stitched. I'd hunted for a bandana for Josie for a while as most of the options out there attach to collars but due to her collar being a little more unique that isn't an option. She doesn't wear a collar in the house anymore as I figured she might be a little more comfortable without one but if I needed to quickly grab her I've still got something to hold onto if the occasion ever arose. I wanted a traditional bandana for her that could be tied in different ways and after seeing Whiskers & Stitched pop up on my social media feeds a few times I decided to make an order. I picked this beautiful William Morris print for her and I adore it. The brand comes from a lovely lady called Sarah and originates in Manchester where all the items are handcrafted. There aren't just bandanas on offer either you can get a lovely tote bag, makeup bag or a little coin purse.

more small businesses I love

  • sofa dog wear - an awesome place for a huge array of sighthound friendly coats

  • Little Charm Store - adorable little whippet pins 

  • Maravilo - an independent jewellery website featuring new designers. 

illustrators & designers work I love

shop my favourites from whiskers & stitched


What are your favourite small businesses to shop and support?