4 Style Pieces I'm Currently Rediscovering


Because I'm on the quest to stop shopping so much this year it's really made me look like at my wardrobe and what I'm wearing and what I'm not. For the first time in years, I've packed away my summer pieces [mostly because it made me too sad that it became really cold as soon as September hit] so I've currently got my winter wardrobe on the go. There is a little bit of a crossover because I'm not a fan of having a separate wardrobe for each season as I prefer to buy wardrobe pieces that can be transitioned throughout. Anyway, here are the wardrobe pieces that I'm trying to rediscover and get good use out of, otherwise it's time for them to go.



As it's winter, jeans are not something I typically find myself gravitating towards. Being bundled up in a thousand layers, a thick heavy coat, knit and thick socks and chunky boots makes me feel a little like the Michelin Man. And they're not very practical for soggy dog walks either which is what I spend most of my time doing. And even though I wear skinny jeans I still feel a little too bulky in them so I reach for leggings instead. But when the somewhat warmer months roll around then I reach for denim quite a lot. Of course, leggings are much comfier than jeans but the right pair can still be comfortable. There is just something so effortless about the right pair of jeans with a Breton or t-shirt. Last year I branched out in the jean world and tried out different shades and fits and I loved it, for so long I've been a skinny jean only girl but there are now so many cuts and fits out there. I'm a big fan of the boyfriend jean in particular as they're so comfy to wear all day. 


Of course, this is mostly due to the current climate but I've not found myself reaching for a t-shirt for a long time. You can definitely still make the most of a tee in the colder months by layering. I don't have a lot of t-shirts in my collection but the ones I do have I absolutely adore. But when it comes to tops I tend to reach for Breton's, we all know that I adore stripes but it's the cut and style that make them such a staple over tees. And if you're a UK resident that a good long sleeve is a necessity whatever the season. Anyway back to t-shirts, I don't need to talk about Breton's any more than I do already. I have a classic white t-shirt but then it's mostly stripes in my collection. Jeans and t-shirts are the bread and butter of the majority of my summer outfits and something I'm looking forward to reaching for once again. Last year I invested in a large oversized pink cardigan [it's looking a little tatty now and could do with being replaced]. But I also bought a large grey number a few weeks ago so whilst it's still a little nippy outside the combination of a t-shirt and slouchy cardigan is something I'm very into.



I have a real soft spot for sweatshirts and if you live in the UK you always need a jumper you can reach for whatever the season. I did go a little overboard last year and bought a few too many which I now need to pass on but there are two that have got a permanent residency offer in my wardrobe. I do need to wear them a lot more though, again the weather is playing a part in this as I need something a little warmer when I'm out and about. But typically when I do wear them at the moment it's for lounging around the house and something I really want to avoid this year is wearing my really nice clothes for lounging around. Photographed above is one of my most loved sweatshirts, it's from Whistles and it was a great sale find. From my past purchases I've learnt that cheap sweatshirts tend to wear and bobble very quickly and even though it might be such a casual item it is worth spending a little more on if you can as they hold up much longer. Whistles are expensive but there is a reason why the style world goes gaga for their sweaters.

a-line skirts

A style staple of mine from 2015 is the A-line skirt and it was something that I found myself reaching for a lot until last year. When I discovered the world of midi skirts which I can't wait to dig out this spring/summer but it did mean I lost interest in the A-line skirt. It's still a style I adore, especially paired with a t-shirt and some cute little sandals in the warmer months, can you tell I'm desperate for summer at this point? In general, I tend to reach for a lot more skirts than I do shorts in the warmer months as they're something I feel much more confident in and find that more flattering on my body. 

how I'm making sure I wear everything I own

I'm a serious creature of habit when it comes to the outfits I wear. Once I find something I love I tend to wear it on repeat so in order to make sure I use everything I own this is what I'm doing;

  • Have more of rotation with clothes. 
  • Stop wearing things for lounging around the house when I have separate loungewear. 
  • Get dressed for work every day. 
  • Wearing something different every day, from shoes to jumpers. 
  • Push my comfort zone a little more AKA browsing Pinterest for style inspiration. 
  • Try not to go for the obvious options. 

What style pieces are you currently rediscovering? 

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