5 Awesome Podcasts I've Listened To Recently

I've been really getting back into podcasts at the moment and there have been a few episodes that I've absolutely loved listening to so I thought I'd share them with you today in case you're in need of some fresh listening material for the week ahead. 



Emma's podcast is something I always love to catch up with as she interviews such a huge range of awesome people and the episodes that I've loved recently have been her interview with Sophie Kinsella and Alice Tams. Some of the first 'chick lit' books I ever read were the Shopaholic books from Sophie Kinsella and she's an author that I've been a fan of for years so it was awesome to get to know a little more about her writing process and how she thinks of her characters. As well as about her recent book which is another foray into the YA genre which surrounds the topic of social media and how we're all portraying these lives that we're not leading. Another interview I loved was with the illustrator Alice Tams who has a well-known birds in hats series. The two talked about what it's like to legally deal with copycats and all the things that come with it as in the online world, it's very easy to brush off copycats but it's a very series issue. 


Ladies Who Lunch is a podcast from two YouTubers Ingrid & Cat and what I love about their podcast is that they dig into some really deep topics that they don't typically discuss online. In this episode, they discuss the topic of makeup in such an awesome way and as someone who writes about beauty, I found myself really relating to it. It's such a silly stereotype that if your wear makeup that you can't believe in equality or it makes you a false person. And I know in the past that I've worn makeup because it's somewhat expected by society but now I wear it just for myself and because it truly makes me happy. So often we judge females based on how much makeup they wear which incredibly sad as it doesn't affect that person on a deeper level in any way. 


Sara from the Instagram account and blog Me & Orla recently started her own podcast all around the topic of Instagram and blogging and her first episode was so interesting. It was all about how people follow and unfollow repeatedly on Instagram and really what's behind it and it was absolutely fascinating. I can't deny that I've fallen a little out of love with the platform in the last couple of years as it's lost what made Instagram special when it first started and the algorithm has made it pretty much impossible for people wanting to grow their platform. Sara provided some really awesome knowledge about the platform which is something that I'll definitely bear in mind from now on. If you're a content creator in any way I'd highly suggest giving this a listen. It also reminded me to not get bogged down in the numbers and engagement rates and just upload what I think makes for an awesome profile not what's trendy. 


I always tune into Grace Helbig's podcast Not Too Deep whenever I want something easy to listen to, that's entertaining and I loved her somewhat recent chat with Arden Rose. I've watched Arden on YouTube for years and she seems like such an awesome lady and I always love interviews with her, her interview on Filler podcast was also a really good listen. Like the name of the podcast suggests it's not one that digs into super deep topics as it very light-hearted and just a lot of fun which is something I really like as sometimes I don't always want to listen to something super intense when I'm doing the ironing. 


I've been such a huge fan and dedicated listener of The Lively Show for a few years now and I've been binge-listening to it lately and there is just something about the show's host, Jess's voice that is so calming to me. In a non-weird creepy way, I should add. I particularly loved the episode where she shared 'The Things I'm Afraid To Tell You' and whether you use social media as part of your job or just as a hobby I think we can relate to the feelings of not wanting to share certain things online. I know I have a tonne of things that I'm afraid to say and it was so amazing to hear Jess talk about hers and the relief that she got from sharing them. Most of the things were super positive and it's so weird that we all feel scared to say things are going well for us but we never like to share it. 

What are your favourite podcasts?

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