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After being left with no other option but to chop my hair into a bob due the irreversible damage I had caused I made some big promises to my tresses. I would keep all colouring to a minimum and give it so much TLC that it would never again be left in such a terrible state. So over the past few years I've done just that, I've looked after my hair so well that I can now focus on its other needs. You see I have fine hair, but a hell of a lot of it. So achieving volume is difficult without the use of 10 different products. Finally, though, I think I've discovered a cocktail of products that help me achieve big hair whilst still meeting all its moisture needs and helping it grow into mermaid tresses. 


The packaging of these two products alone is simply stunning. From the minimalist design to the sharp contrast between the soft pink and black. The Pure Volume Range from Maria Nila* are one of the best duos I've found for adding life and volume to the hair without making it too heavy. Other options I've tried have left my roots feeling full of product which isn't what you want on freshly washed hair. Aside from being awesome at adding volume to the hair. They're hydrating and helping coloured hair looking fresh and keeps the hair safe from harmful UV rays.


I might be a little over-zealous with how much moisture I put into my hair, but I find if I neglect it then it doesn't grow as much. As I'm so terrible with deep conditioner I go for other moisturising methods. In between washes I use the Schwarzkopf got2b Oil-licious Weightless Dry Oil Mist*, I'm a big fan of hair oils for keeping my hair in tip top condition. As this is a dry oil in a spray it's so much easier to use, you just have to make sure you don't spray it on your roots or to close to hair. Misted over the mid-lengths and ends you're in for seriously dreamy tresses. When I've washed my hair I like to always make sure I use something like the Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Primer*. This isn't just a heat protectant, it helps to detangle, prime for styling and protect the hair from UV rays. Whenever I heat style in-between I use something like the Vo5 Bedazzling Heat Protectant as it's little more lightweight on dry hair.

Like I said I'm a big lover of hair oils and anything with an oil incorporated into it. The Macadamia Leave In Cream* available from Justmylook.co.uk** is my new best friend for helping tame my fly away ends. Static hair is a real issue for me, but this helps to smooth everything down without making my hair overly greasy. I like to think of it as a hair moisturiser that a ton of other healthy hair benefits too. For a deep treatment on my ends between washing, I apply a small amount and wrap my hair up into a bun which is perfect when your hair feels a little fried. Ideal if you're a lazy girl like me and always forgot to apply a deep conditioner. 

What are your favourite products for big healthy hair?

R x

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