5 Makeup Brushes Everyone Needs


Makeup brushes are one of my all time favourite things to write about when it comes to beauty. I'm a big believer that even with cheaper products with a good brush to hand you can really make the most of an item and they are the unsung heroes of the beauty world. So today I'm sharing the 5 makeup brushes I believe everyone should have in their collection. 

ZOEVA SILK FINISH BRUSH: After discovering this brush a few years ago I've not really used anything else for my base. No matter what type of product you're using this just works and requires absolutely minimal effort to achieve a beautiful flawless base. It's a big domed buffing brush that's dense enough to give an airbrush effect to the skin whilst still having the flexibility to get into all contours of the face. In the 2 and half years, I've been using this brush with almost daily use it's not once shed and when washed it's as good as new. 

REAL TECHNIQUES STIPPLING BRUSH: Years ago this was my go to for foundation. And whilst it is great at doing that where this brushes strengths really lie is with blush products. It picks up just the right amount of product and whether it be cream or powder this works incredibly well and it applies colour onto the cheeks beautifully. Finding a good blush brush is something that I've always found to be tricky and so often the typical brush option picks up very little colour and ends up just wasting your product. 

EYEBROW SPOOLIE: This is the cheapest most simple brush there is but it's one that makes the biggest difference in your overall appearance. Maybe it's just my sad brows but no matter how hard I try they always seem to want to point downwards and generally look atrocious. So an eyebrow spoolie is my absolute best friend and frankly, I would be a little lost without it. I could probably write an entire post professing my love for this simple but ingenious tool but I'll spare you. 

ZOEVA 227 LUXE SOFT DEFINER BRUSH: I used to be a big lover of fat flat shaped eyeshadow brushes but in the past two years, I've become a big convert to the fluffy blending brushes. When working with cheaper and chalkier shadows they're not the best but with a decent shadow, they're incredible for picking up the product and dispensing them evenly onto the eyelids. I find this brush especially good at creating more of a defined shadow look as it blends all shades in within seconds and ease. And you're never left with any harsh lines or uneven areas of colour. 

LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER MULTITASKING BRUSH: This is a new brush to join my collection but I'm just so in love with it that I knew I had to give it a mention. Not only is it an awesome brush it's also a product from a charity that has such an incredible cause. As the title suggests this is a great multitasker and I've found that it can be used for every base product you could think of as well as a highlighter and blush if a stippling brush isn't your thing. It's incredibly soft and fluffy but not so much that bristles just go absolutely everywhere and you're not left with an uneven finish on the skin

What are your favourite brushes?

R x

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