Let's Talk About Ideas & Thinking Of Great Ones

The question that I get asked the most about my blog is how I post content every day and how do I not run out of things to talk about. And from the outside, I realise that I've created a slightly unrealistic and relatable posting schedule and I in no way believe that you need to post every day to create an awesome blog. But when it comes to thinking of ideas and how we come to them. It's an incredibly fascinating conversation topic and I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts on it with you today. 




  1. a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action.

  2. the aim or purpose.

they arrive in different ways

When we think of the ideas process it often looks the same kind of way, like that stereotypical lightbulb moment. And sometimes it does look exactly like that but so often our best ideas arrive in ways that they weren't expecting. For example, my favourite ideas have arrived when I'm least expecting it like when I'm brushing my teeth, walking my dog or reading. And I truly believe it's because when you're not directly searching for them they arrive on their own. When you start hunting for ideas that's when things become incredibly stressful and subsequently great ideas never tend to arrive. 


I think when people think about blogging on a daily basis not only is it a huge amount of work. They also worry that they would run out of ideas and that is a thought that often enters my mind. I've panicked so many times that I'm going to run out of ideas or I don't have anything interesting to talk about anymore but it never comes to fruition. Weirdly enough the reason that I started posting daily in the first place was because I had so many ideas and I was so excited about blogging that I just couldn't wait a day to post something else. And ever since I've always found myself thinking of more and more ideas to formulate into a post. It pushes your mind to work in different ways and explore different avenues and it also helps you find your own ideas process which is something that's unique to all of us. 


It's a bruise to anyone's ego that we haven't thought of that amazing original idea that we think we have and that's ok. It's almost foolish to think that we've thought of anything that hasn't been done before and that's ok because we haven't done it before and that is what makes it unique. No-one can do that idea in the same way that you would and that's what is important to focus on. I think we all get ourselves into a panic that we can't think of anything that hasn't been done before but that's something that's pretty unobtainable. 


It's such a cliche but so often the most simple thoughts and things evolve into the most amazing ideas. And I'm completely guilty of constantly trying to overcomplicate things and make them so much more complex than they need to be. I think we all worry about our ideas being too "basic". But I think those are the things that always work so well because they are things that can all relate to in one way or another. The same goes for our first idea, so often we try and abandon it because we might think of something better but trusting yourself and your intuition is key when it comes to ideas. 


To say that I'm a complete day dreamer would be an underestimate. My mind is pretty awesome at imagining so many things and whilst that's not always the most positive thing it mostly works in my favour. Letting your mind wander and be free from the daily grind is so important. As it looking at things from a completely different perspective is also something I think is incredibly important. Challenging your traditional thought process is something that I learnt from Paul Arden and it's something that I've found so helpful when it comes to blogging.  

I'd love to know about your idea process

R x

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