5 New In Beauty Products That Are Perfect For Spring


We all know that I'm a big creature of habit when it comes to my beauty routine. As much as I love trying new things out I also love the comfort of using something I know works and is dependable. There have been quite a few new discoveries in my life lately, some new releases and some just new to me and they all happen to be perfect for the upcoming season. So if we could all pray that it's not going to snow again anytime soon that would be great as I'd really like to feel the sun on my skin once again. 



When it comes to nail polish I will always without fail be loyal to Essie. Everything about the brand is superb from the design to the formulation to the shade range and finally, the staying power is some of the best for me. And their Spring collections are always dreamy, who else remembers when Maximillian Strasse Her was released? Still a shade I use and love three years on. I've been using a couple of shades from the new line, Anchor Down which is the perfect way to wear a navy throughout the warmer months and then Bon-Boy Age which is a big nod to the illusive Absolutely Shore. Both absolutely beautiful and creamy in tone but are so pigmented you only need a couple of coats. I've always had a good experience with Essie as a brand, they always stand the test of time on my nails and I can happily get one week or more out of their shades. You do pay a little more for them but that price feels justified when they perform so well.


notes: carla lavender, sambac jasmine, album sandalwood and vanilla

This is a scent that you can spray on and know you'll instantly smell good. It's not too out there with any really unusual notes but the mix of the lavender and vanilla create the most amazing mix of floral and comforting. If you're not a fan of typical floral scents that are sickly sweet and garish then you will more than likely enjoy this. And it's a scent I truly believe can work day or night at any time of the year [it does seem perfect for the warmer months though]so if you're a one type of scent kinda girl then possibly one to look at. I get a good solid wear time from this but it's definitely not one you can spray on and expect to still be able to detect on the skin the next day like some scents in my collection.



This is a hybrid between an eye cream and an under eye concealer and possibly one of the best under eye products I've ever used. Think Origins GinZing but with more coverage. It's a white liquid that contains little balls of pigment so when you massage it gently into the area it provides a veil of coverage that helps to disguise any unsightly tones in the area as well as brightening the skin too. Whilst still providing nourishment and skincare benefits due to ingredients like ginseng root extract, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E and aloe vera.

ameliorate transforming body lotion*

During the most recent 'heatwave' in the UK that lasted for all of four days my skin, of course, freaked out and my chest was covered in prickly heat. Which is something I only found myself struggling with last year and I can't say I'm all that thrilled with its repeat appearance. Those little spots are seriously itchy and uncomfortable and make the entire area feel tender and sore so I didn't want to apply anything too fragranced and irritate it even further. I dag out this cream from skincare brand Ameliorate which is a known treatment for KP, not something I struggle with but it worked perfectly for this ailment. It instantly calmed down the area and now it's nearly completely gone, so this is now a summer staple in my body care routine. There are a lot of items in this range so something I'd really recommend looking into if you struggle with your skin, I've seen it triumphed so much online so it clearly works for a multitude of issues.

pixi chloe morellO palette*

When I come across a palette that I can use for a multitude of tasks then I'm always, always a big fan. Even though I no longer travel at all really I know how important a good palette is, although the downside to this not having a proper mirror is problematic. The product inside however is superb, I always like Pixi powder products because they're never uncomfortable and are always flattering on the skin rather than lackluster. This palette contains 3 blushes, 3 already perfectly matched shimmery eyeshadow duos and then finally 3 matte shades that can be used in the crease of the eye or through the brows. So it can work for so, so many occasions and can be used to create a number of different looks. Personally, I, of course, gravitate towards the simple champagne to wash over the lid and that top blush shade which has been the perfect way to add some warmth to my very sad winter complexion. For the amount of use you can get from this palette and the quality, the price point is incredibly low. 


What beauty products will you be using this Spring?

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