9 Simple Daily Essentials That I'd Be Lost Without


One of my favourite types of blog post to not only create myself but read from others is where the real daily essentials are discussed. I love looking at dreamy editorial worthy content as much as the next person but what I find the most interesting is where people talk about the things they really use on a daily basis and not some fancy edited version. The real day to day essentials that they reach for without fail and would feel ever so slightly lost without. So here are nine of mine from a hand cream to my favourite dog lead... 



When I got my first job in retail one of my favourite things to blow my money on was bags. And as I've got older I definitely don't buy as many as I used to but I still have such a soft spot for them. For Christmas, my boyfriend was kind enough to buy me a Cambridge Satchel Bag, something that I've lusted after for years and years and it's something I know I'll be able to use for so long. Of course, the design of this bag is absolutely lovely but it's the size that makes this bag so good for me day to day. I tend to overstuff my bags and I've really damaged my posture from carrying really heavy totes and hold myself with one shoulder slightly raised all the time. So this is the perfect size to hold my phone, keys and card holder with ease. Whenever I've spent more on a bag they've stood the test of time and I've been able to use them again and again without them falling to pieces and looking tatty within a couple of months. 


It took me a long time to come around to the world of cardholders but now it's rare I actually carry my purse. This little coin purse and card holder from Accessorize is the best design I've ever come across, 5 card slots then a zip compartment for change as well as the super sweet design. Realistically on a day to day basis I don't need to have 450834 loyalty cards with me so just having my credit cards, bank card and driving license is ideal. And Accessorize in general is somewhere I really rate for their purses, card holders and bags as they always carry simple and classic designs without any obnoxious branding!


My love for stationery is well known around these parts of the internet. But narrowing down a favourite notebook is just impossible but something I can do is narrow down my most loved pen. Long-term readers will already know the love I have for the Muji gel pens. In particular, the 0.7 which is just thick enough to glide onto the page without being as dense as a Sharpie. They only come in 3 or so colours but they're such good writers and really cheap too, Muji stationery, in general, is something I absolutely adore.



Ever since we kept on getting those random cold snaps and the snow came back, again and again, it took a real toll on the condition of my lips. The Lanolips 101 Ointment is a trusted and fail-safe product in my stash and something I use every evening to make sure my lips stay in tip top condition. It provides any relief for any dryness and cracked areas of skin whilst creating a protective barrier over them so they can repair themselves. Of course, if you're allergic to Lanolin then you will not be ok with this but if you're not then it's a wonderful product to have around. You don't have to just use it for your lips either it can be used on cuts, burns, and even dry cuticles.


I get a lot of questions about my eyewear and they're from Smart Buy Glasses and they're Chloé frames. I do wear contact lenses when I'm going out and need to wear my sunglasses but when I'm working I feel so much more comfortable in my glasses and don't find my eyes struggling as much. Contact lenses are wonderful but I do struggle with them making my eyes dry. I love the shape and style of these glasses as they cover such a big area so I'm not tempted to look underneath them so my eyes are somewhat relaxed. And for the size of them, they're incredibly light and really comfortable to wear all day which is so important when it comes to eyewear.


I absolutely love the Fresh lip balms and  I thought I was all out of the original but I found this in a big bag of beauty things and I was so happy to drop it back in my handbag. It adds hydration and shine and actually works at repairing any damage to the lips rather than just providing quick comfort. This is what I reach for during the day when I don't want something quite as heavy as the Lanolips. It's so good to go in your handbag because it has a screw lid so it can't slip off and get all over your possessions. The Fresh balms are more expensive but they're well worth it, especially the tinted ones!



If this product came in less bulky packaging then I would most definitely take it out and about with me. It lives on my desk and my bedside table right now and it's so good to apply throughout the day. It nourishes and repairs the hands without being too heavy and greasy meaning I can go back to typing straight after application which can be rare for a hand cream. Not only is the formulation absolutely wonderful but it's the scent that just makes this so delicious, mint should definitely be used more in body products. 


Ok, so I had to put a couple of dog items into this post as they're something I reach for every single day. In the past year, I've certainly learned a lot about dog accessories and subsequently wasted quite a lot of money on things that don't stand the test of time. I was lucky enough to be sent this lead [and matching collar] from the brand Fetch & Follow, a natural leather lead that has worn beautifully over the past few months. The large gold clip feels secure and holds Josie in place even when she is trying to a chase a cat and the soft supple leather doesn't shred my hands to pieces. It's an expensive piece but leads like this will last forever rather than some cloth options that fray and look tatty after just a couple of months.

JOSIE PIN - little charm store* 

I've been itching to talk about my little Josie pins on this blog in more depth since I received them. Created by a lovely lady [and fellow whippie owner] called Elaine who makes these custom sighthound pins and gives all the money to various sighthound rescues, which is such an incredible thing to do. When I received my little Josie pins I was so in love with them and popped them on my coats immediately. Such a sweet way to honour the little love of my life without wearing a jumper that says I'm obsessed with my dog. I'm definitely going to have to get an Edie one made now...


What are your favourite day to day essentials?