5 Of The Best High-End Bases & Why I Prefer To Splurge

Ever since my beauty loving journey really began I've always had a soft spot for foundation, especially at the higher end of the price spectrum. And if I just had to pick one product to splurge on it would most definitely be a foundation, although I'm a sucker for a high-end blush or mascara I feel like when I spend the extra money on a foundation I really get my money's worth. Years ago a lot of people used to shop high-end when it came to their base because the shade range and the choice of finishes on the high street were pretty minimal but that's changed so much now. And there are plenty of great bases on the high street which I will share in a couple of weeks because they are wonderful but my heart does lie with things a little pricier I can't deny it and here are my favourites right now.


This is my current base of my choice as my skin tone is a little all over the place from catching a few rays and really it's the only one that suits me perfectly. I hadn't used this in a while as the last time I did for some reason it just wasn't looking all that nice on my skin but then upon applying it a few days ago, it looked superb. It perfected my skin and covered up the monster of a spot that I currently have bubbling away on my forehead wonderfully without looking fake and heavy. I will say that I don't think this is a base that is all that kind to drier skinned ladies out there but if your skin is combination to oily it's really lovely and stays put all day without budging. Even though the coverage is so good it doesn't feel at all heavy on the skin which to me is always the sign of a good base. As well as having a dreamy formulation the best thing by far about Makeup For Ever bases is that they have such a huge shade range that it's pretty inclusive of everyone.


Again not one for a drier skin but if you really want your base to hang around and have some serious coverage then this might be one for you. It's a satin matte finish which is something that I really like as it takes away any unnecessary shine but still allows a certain level of radiance to shine through. It very much reminds me of the old version of the Laura Mercier Silk Creme in its formulation as it's a thick weighty cream that blends within seconds and provides the most flawless veil of coverage. The lasting power is pretty excellent even without the use of a primer or a powder but I do like to use something hydrating underneath just to create a moisture sandwich. I know it's one that I'm going to be reaching for during the rest of real warmer months because even on the balmiest of days it doesn't budge or feel horribly uncomfortable to have on the skin all day. 


This was one that I tried out last year when I was initially going to do some work with the brand but that didn't work out but I did absolutely love the foundation. It's something that I look to all year round as like the name suggests it really is wonderful for balancing the skin which is what I need 90% of the time. If your skin is dry in certain areas it will hydrate those whilst keeping more oily patches under control. The coverage is medium but it's incredibly easy to build up whilst some maintaining a beautiful satin finish on the skin. And as always with Clinique foundations, they're so simple to blend in and work with. As well as having brilliant staying power. The only issue I have with this base is the packaging is an absolute nightmare as it doesn't have a pump and it seems to get very clogged up but with the end of an eye pencil brush, you can distribute it well enough. 


I can't say that I was expecting to really like this foundation as much as I do. It's nothing all that special in terms of formula, a standard medium [incredibly easy to build up to cover whatever you need] coverage liquid foundation although personally, I find it more gel like than liquid. But it lasts amazingly well on the skin, blends with ease and feels beautifully light. It's one that could most definitely work with drier skins I think due that gel like feeling but it also works wonderfully on my complexion which is more combination/oily. Like the Makeup For Ever HD foundation, it has an extensive shade range which always makes me want to shop more from the brand, an incredible 40 options to choose from.


Last year I heard countless people talk about this base and always thought it looked like something I would probably like. It's a light weight base that aims to give the same about of camouflage as a full coverage base that you would expect from more traditional formulation offerings. And I can't say that it gives exactly that coverage but it certainly offers up more than you would expect considering how light it is on the skin. It's so beautiful on the skin and alone it's radiant and glow giving but with a tiny amount of powder it can be made into more of a satin finish. It's so light that you would expect it to just melt away from the skin but it doesn't and it stays put all day. If you hate the feeling of foundation on your skin and prefer the likes of a tinted moisturiser but want the coverage then this might be for you.


A base that is currently waiting to be tried out is this number; 

& OTHER STORIES LIQUID FOUNDATION*: A demi-matte finish foundation that you can either use alone for full coverage or mix it in with your tinted moisturiser for a lighter finish. That description makes me think of a product from Kevyn Aucoin but in liquid form. 

What are your favourite foundations?

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