Why You're Allowed To Want Time Off Even When You Love What You Do

Listening to other people talk about their work ethos is something I find fascinating. Because for the most part, I spend most of my time online where everyone seems to have the 'work, work and work' some more ethos and it can make you believe that is how everyone thinks. My boyfriend is without a doubt one of the hardest working people I know, the life of a touring musician is not as magical as it's made out to be by the media. It's long hours, dirty and grimy but of course, he loves his job so he does it and gives it his all. But when it comes to rest he makes sure he looks after himself so he can give the best to his job. And it made me think about my own ethos when it comes to work and rest, I've written so many times how important taking a break is but that doesn't mean I'm all that good at doing it myself. And it made me think about this post and how many of us are in a position where we have a job that we absolutely adore and for that reason we feel such immense guilt for taking any time away because we're in such a place of privilege that we feel like we have to make the most of it and probably justify ourselves too. But that's not the case and here are a few reasons why we should take time off even when we really love our work.


When the internet was really going through its big stage of hustle it was all about how many hours you could work and if you weren't working at least 14 hours days and had the biggest eye bags in the world. Well were you even working at all? Looking back now it makes me so sad to think that this was such a big trend and ultimately this is how we all judged each other. I'm not under any illusion that people have to work hard because we all do because we all have bills to pay. But we also all need time off and having time away doesn't mean laying on a beach doing nothing all day. Because that's not feasible 98% of the time but just taking a step back and doing some regular life stuff and giving your mind a little bit of rest is so important. And it doesn't matter what job you do because everyone needs time off and a rest. It's not a mythical luxury, it's a normal part of life that everyone deserves. 


Society has made us believe that there is only one real way that you should be working and that's 9-5. And for so so long I thought well that's the way I have to work to consider myself at a professional at what I do and of course that is complete nonsense. Especially if you're self-employed you make your own rules when it comes to the hours that you work and there shouldn't be so much guilt around that. If you want to work at 6am for a few hours, take a break and then spend the rest of the evening working away that shouldn't be seen as not properly working. You're still doing the hours of work but just not in such a constructed way and flexible work hours are a wonderful, incredible thing. We have such set in stone ideas about what makes for a 'real' work day but as more and more people are self-employed and own their businesses it just seems impossible to meet those old standards. Just because you're not sat at a desk at 9am that doesn't mean your job is any less important or you work any less hard than someone else who does. 


When I had a regular job with regular work hours when it came to taking time off I didn't even think twice about it. And I don't think a lot of people do if they work those traditional set in stone hours, once their work day is over they don't feel any guilt about it. But that is rarely the same story when it comes to someone who is self-employed. Myself and so many other people feel such immense guilt and the need to justify why and when they're taking time off which isn't something anybody should have to do. Especially considering that you having time off doesn't affect anybody else so why should we need their approval? No-one can work every single moment of the day that isn't what life is about, we're not born to just work until we die there are so many awesome things to do in this world that don't revolve around making money. 


As this post is all about taking time off I thought I'd share some of my favourite things to do when I take a break.


My National Trust membership is without a doubt one of the best things I pay for as it allows me to do so many awesome things that don't cost anything [well, apart from petrol to get there]. Whether it be visiting a stately home or some beautiful gardens I always know that I can have a skim through what is around and pick something to do that will make for an awesome day out.


When I set time aside to take a break without a doubt I will probably want to pick up a book at some point. I've said it before and I'll say it again but reading is something that I find incredibly calming especially if I'm going through a bad bout of worry as my mind can escape to a different world for a few hours. Now it's Summer being able to pick up a good book and sit in the sunshine is such a wonderful thing to do, I'm currently reading Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon which is a great read surrounding mental health and OCD. 


I'm such a homebody, I've written about it so many times and I absolutely adore being at home. However being at home and not having a to-do list as long as me isn't something that happens very often but when it does it's amazing. I think when it comes to taking time off people always feel the need to escape and go somewhere far away from home but personally, I love it. Not having to worry about work and a regular day to day routine but still being in your cosy comfortable surroundings is wonderful.


Are you someone who struggles to break away from work? I'd love to know your thoughts