5 Of The Best Lazy Girl Skincare Items

Even though I take a lot of pride in my skincare routine and it's something that I look forward to doing in the AM/PM. Sometimes when I'm exhausted or don't feel well I don't always get around to dedicating the time to it. So that's when I reach for my lazy girl skincare essentials. And these products are awesome because they're still incredibly beneficial to the skin and more often than not they're great multitaskers which is perfect when you're a bonafide lazy girl.

BARE MINERALS TOTAL CLEANSING OIL*: Before I discovered the wonderful world of cleansing oils I would have always said a micellar water was my go to. And, of course, I still think they're awesome and incredible for getting the bulk of your makeup off. But there is just something so good about cleansing oils because they remove even the most stubborn makeup remnants with ease. Whilst still being so hydrating and nourishing to the skin. I'm currently using the Bare Minerals Oil Obsessed Cleansing Oil* and it's absolutely beautiful. It feels like you're massaging liquid silk into the skin and it removes everything with ease as well as of course giving you a thorough cleanse. I use a flannel to remove it and my skin feels incredible afterwards. So many people fear using an oil on their skin in any type of way but they can do absolute wonders for the skin. 

DR JART WATER FUSE OVERNIGHT MASK*: I like to think of this mask as a good nights sleep in a tube. Whenever my skin is really lacking in moisture, looks tired, stressed out and generally rubbish I know I can always rely on this to bring it back to life overnight. This mask from Dr Jart is unlike most overnight mask options as it's a gel formulation so it's incredibly lightweight on the skin which is perfect if you have more of a combination complexion and find other options can lead to breakouts. Not only does the mask help with moisture but it also aims to repair the skin which is ideal when you're struggling with blemishes and scarring from older breakouts. 

PIXI GLOW TONIC PADS*: You don't have to look far into my beauty archives to see that I love chemical exfoliants and the original Pixi Glow Tonic has been a favourite of mine for years. They've recently released the glow tonic in pad form and if you're on the go or you don't want to buy cotton pads then this is such a great option. I personally like to chop the pads in two so I only have to use one a day. Anything that is a chemical exfoliant will instantly perk up the complexion without the need of going to the extra effort of using a mask or scrubbing away at your skin with a harsh manual exfoliator. They contain 20% glycolic acid whereas the original glow tonic is only 5% so you can get more of an intense treatment with these although I don't find to physically feel any different at all. 

SENSPA 1 MINUTE BRIGHTENING MASK*: Anything that has '1 minute' in the title is obviously going to be a lazy girl skincare essential. When I'm pushed for time and my skin looks terrible I've been reaching for this mask as I absolutely adore the way it makes my skin feel. It's a triple threat facial all in one as it cleanses, exfoliates and revitalises the skin so if you want a mask that can do it all without going to the effort of buying and using multiple facial masks then it's a great option. It's another item that contains glycolic acid which is an ingredient that my skin absolutely loves but I know some skin types don't get along with it at all so it's always important to read the ingredients. 

CLARINS HYDRAQUENCH MASK*: There is always something so comforting about Clarins skincare. From the scent to the formulation it just feels like a comforting hug to the complexion and it's something I can always rely on. The Hydraquench Mask* is a classic cream mask that you slather onto the skin and leave on for 5-10 minutes and wash away to reveal hydrated and happy skin. It's a great quick fix before applying makeup to give your skin a moisture boost as it doesn't make the skin feel greasy or sticky at all. I like to use either a light layer as a general skin drink or a heavy thick layer for a real treat for a tired and stressed complexion. The Una Brennan Rose Moisture mask is a great drugstore alternative to this product but if you're not a lover of rose then this could be the one for you. 

What are your favourite lazy girl skincare essentials?

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