15 Of The Best Guilty Pleasures When You're An Adult

At the tender age of 26, I can't escape the fact that I'm an adult, I can't even say young adult either because I feel like you can only say that when you're under the age of 25. Being a fully fledged adult means they're plenty of really dull things that come along with that territory like taxes, trying to understand why you pay your council tax bill when the bin men don't take your bin, a lot of chat about the weather and why the country is doomed. So I've rounded up some of my all time favourite guilty pleasures in life when you're an adult and letting your inner child run free. 

  1. Buying the really sugary cereal that is probably terrible for you but using the excuse that it's on offer so brings your food bill down. 
  2. Reading a copious amount of Buzzfeed articles about Polly Pockets or other childhood toys. 
  3. Buying trinkets for your home as a nod to your childhood loves. 
  4. Making a duvet fort and wanting to hide in it when you really just can't face being an adult that day. 
  5. Marathoning Harry Potter. 
  6. Talking to other adults and realising no-one feels like they're doing it right. 
  7. Digging out your favourite childhood books. 
  8. Wearing something that you would have loved to have as a child or teenager like a Miffy Tote Bag* or Sweatshirt*
  9. Spending a little too long watching dog videos on Youtube. 
  10. Walking into the children's department when you need to buy a gift and secretly being in heaven and questioning how lego got so expensive all at the same time.
  11. 90's R&B.
  12. Telling yourself that you need to keep all your childhood toys because one day they might be worth something. 
  13. Buying homeware and thinking 'yes this totally means I'm an adult because I'm excited about a plate'. 
  14. Getting a little too excited about the Disney pj's in Primark. 
  15. And any type of novelty slippers, phonecase or pin badge you can find. 

What are your favourite guilty pleasures?

R x

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