5 Podcast Episodes To Inspire You For The Week

It's been far too long since I last wrote about podcasts which is surprising because ever since getting into them last year they've become such a big part of my daily routine. I always find that they're incredible for tackling those really difficult topics in life that we all find hard to approach. I've rounded 5 of the most inspiring podcasts I've listened to in recent months and I hope that they inspire your week ahead. 


If you're someone who frequents the blogging world then you're bound to have heard of Emma Gannon and her newly launched book Ctrl, Alt; Delete: How I Grew Up Online. And this is her podcast that sits alongside it. The premise of this podcast is that Emma interviews people in the online world and their own experience of being on the internet. There are so many awesome episodes that it's hard to pick a favourite. But a couple that really stand out are a conversation with Bella Younger who is the internet persona Deliciously Stella and they discuss the craze of clean eating online. And then another personal favourite was Cheryl Strayed, she's quickly become one of my most loved authors and hearing her speak in such an honest way was incredibly inspiring. 


I've spoken about the Ladies Who Lunch podcast before but their recent series on breakups was incredible. Anything to do with this topic whether you've just gone through a breakup or you've not experienced one in years always hits us hard in some way. And it's so refreshing to hear this subject broached in a really raw and honest way when often it can be incredibly dramatised and be completely unrelatable. 


This is a podcast from Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond and if you're familiar with the book Tiny Beautiful Things it's exactly the same as that but in audio form. The Dear Sugar podcast is so incredible with the topics that Cheryl and Steve tackle and my recent favourite was 'Social Butterfly In Love With A Hermit Crab'. I'm a huge homebody and my boyfriend has an incredibly sociable job and sometimes I struggle to understand how we fit together so well. Understanding different personality types and how they work together and apart is something that fascinates me. And in this episode of Dear Sugar, they dig deep into that as well as talking to the wonderful Susan Cain the author of the best-selling book Quiet. 


I recently discovered the vlogs of the incredibly talented Casey Neistat [I've been living under a rock obviously]. And subsequently discovered this podcast with Lewis Howes who is someone I'm not overly familiar but I adored this interview. If you've not heard the story behind Casey's success then it's absolutely fascinating. Even though some of his life mantra's are completely different to mine listening to him speak is still incredibly inspiring. 


Without fail whenever I talk about podcasts I just have to mention TLS. And I wanted to speak about an old favourite which is the episode about being 'average'. Every time I worry about being 'enough' or start to really criticise myself I will always return to this episode and it's such an honest conversation between two awesome ladies. And of course, it's not just this episode from Jess Lively that's inspiring. She has tackled so many different subjects and had a huge array of guests discussing things from business to mental health. If you're a newbie to podcasts then I'd always suggest checking out TLS first as it's so incredible and you'll always finish an episode wanting to become friends with Jess. 

What are your favourite podcasts? What should I check out next?

R x

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