5 Primers That Are Worth The Extra Step

Primer is a beauty product that you either really love or just don't see the need for. For years, I didn't use it but then I slowly started to work it into my routine and I instantly noticed a difference with the way that my base was, not only applying, but wearing throughout the day. I've rounded up 5 of my favourite priming options, that are totally worth that extra step. 

CLINIQUE COLOUR CORRECTING SUPER PRIMER: Finding a primer that can actually colour correct any unsightly tones in the skin can be incredibly difficult. The Clinique Anti Redness Super Primer makes light work of reversing any red tones in the skin which makes concealing blemishes so much easier. It leaves the skin feeling ever so slightly chalky which isn't a negative, as it soothes and smoothes out any uneven areas, without drying the skin out and accentuating any dry patches.  

ACCESSORIZE PRIME TIME*: Long time readers of this little corner of the internet will know the Clarins Perfecting Touch Primer is a firm favourite of mine. This is it's £9 dupe, it performs in the exact same way and makes your skin feel incredible. The consistancy is quite thick, but once applied it feels weightless and perfects the skin with only the smallest amount. It balances the complexion making it the perfect canvas for anything you might apply over the top. As well as providing that extra boost of longevity it makes your base wear more evenly as it's balanced. 

TOO FACED HANGOVER X PRIMER: Often my skin can look incredibly dull and drab so I want something that will perk things up without the need for intense glitter and shimmer. This primer might not increase the wear time of your base but it keeps it look incredibly fresh throughout the day. It contains coconut water and probiotics which is why it can revive even the dullest of complexions with ease. In combination with a more matte/natural base it leaves the skin looking incredibly healthy.

ELEMIS PRO RADIENCE ILLUMINATING BALM: A hybrid beauty product that is a primer/illuminator/moisturiser. This is perfect for the days that you want your skin to look like you've been taking perfect care of it, by getting 8 hours of sleep in and not eaten any junk food at all. It brightens and tightens whilst still letting your natural radiance shine through and creating a smooth even base for anything that you might apply over the top. Even if you're not wearing any makeup it's great to perfect the skin. 

INIKA PURE PRIMER*: This primer is incredible for making the complexion look plump and juicy as well as preparing it for any base application. It makes your skin feel beautifully smooth and soft, as it contains the wonder ingredient hyaluronic acid which seems to be a popular addition to most primers at the moment.  Due to it's plumping and hydrating qualities it's a great option for those days when your skin feels like the sahara desert and you know foundation will cling to everything imaginable unless you use something seriously nourishing. 

What are your favourite primers?

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