20 Fun Things To Do In 2016

Your blog feed is probably full of posts spilling the details on what people want to do and achieve in 2016. Which is great but, sometimes those things can get a little deep so today I wanted to share a few fun ideas of things to try this year. It can be super easy to get stuck in a rut and routine and not do anything outside your comfort zone so here are 20 things to try in 2016. 

  1. Be a tourist in your own city. 
  2. Try a sport that you've never done before. 
  3. Start a blog. 
  4. Take a trip to a place you've never been before.
  5. Knitting. 
  6. Make yourself an indoor planter and grow your own herbs. 
  7. A scrapbook or project life book. 
  8. Join the library and.. 
  9. Set yourself a quota of books to read. 
  10. Join the National Trust. 
  11. Go camping in a tepee. 
  12. Volunteer with a charity. 
  13. Get photographs printed and make yourself a gallery wall. 
  14. Bake. 
  15. Clear out your space and hold a carboot sale. 
  16. Visit an old friend who you've not seen in a while. 
  17. Challenge yourself to try something new every week.
  18. Go to an art gallery. 
  19. Host an indoor picnic. 
  20. Try out using a film camera and get the photographs developed. 

What do you want to do this year?

R x

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