5 Small Ways To Feel Happier

Sometimes, I feel like I'm far too cynical for my age (25).  Being so cynical can play a huge role in your personal happiness and it can be easy to get stuck in a miserable rut. Of course, no-one is ever going to be chipper all day every day but here are 5 easy ways to feel a bit more positive. 


Sometimes negativity can't be avoided but a lot of the time it can, especially on social media. I'm a complete sucker for Twitter and Instagram, but I'm not a fan of seeing constant passive aggressive tweets/statuses about or to others because it's simply not necessary. Even if it's not directed at you it can have a huge effect on your mood. You don't have to get rid of negativity in an unkind way as a lot of social media platforms offer a hide or mute option so the person will never know. 


Even though I don't always have the will to pick myself up and exercise I know that I always feel so much happier when I've released some endorphins. Not only does moving around make you feel better physically it has a huge effect on the way your mind feels. Whenever I feel really stressed, anxious or down I know that the best thing that I can do for myself is do anything that will release endorphins. Often by the time I've finished I've forgotten all about the thing that was initially causing me worry and stress. 


I'm a big believer that sometimes we have to be a little selfish in life so we can do right by ourselves. We're a nation of people pleasers and making other people happy is a great feeling but when it's making you miserable it's dangerous territory. If saying no to that social event is going to make you happier than being surrounded by people you either don't really know or like it's a no brainer. I've spoken more about the importance of saying no in this post if you fancy some further musings on the topic. 


For years, I dwelled over situations that happened months or even years ago and would let them put me in a bad mood. It's still something that I do now sometimes and even though catching your thoughts isn't easy but once you start to learn to you can save yourself so much heartache. When a situation has really upset you it can be hard to simply let it go but what is continually revisiting it going to achieve? Probably nothing. Sometimes you've got to let the past be the past and move on. 

choose happiness

Many people are unable to choose their moods but for many of us it is a choice. Sometimes I will wake up and see or remember something and then I will be in a foul mood for the rest of the day unless I make myself snap out of it. Having a grump every now and again is fine but when it's something you're choosing to do each day it's not a good habit to get into, for you or for those around you. Even if things aren't going entirely your way sometimes you have to just tell yourself that you're going to choose happiness. Your mind is such a powerful tool and it's amazing the things it can do. 

What are your favourite small ways to be a little happier?

R x

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