5 Things I Find Comforting When My Mental Health Is Low


I don’t know what it is about the end of April that I find so hard but just like clockwork, my mental health feels pretty low. We’re only just coming out winter in the UK and I imagine there are still plenty of chilly days ahead as I don’t find it truly warms up until about June, and the lack of sunny days certainly take their toll after a while that’s for sure. Over the years, I’ve developed a mental health tool kit when I notice things are slipping and these are all the things that I find to be a huge comfort when I might not be feeling my finest.


breaking a sweat

I go for a long walk every day with Josie and Edie unless it’s raining as those two do not deem that type of weather hound friendly in the slightest. But apart from that walk, I find that my job makes me pretty stationery and I don’t feel good if I’m sat down for 10+ hours a day, I’m not sure anybody does for that matter. Recently I’ve rejoined the gym and that's been on my mind to do for a while and it’s one of the things that helps me more than anything. Getting my body moving and my heart rate up instantly makes me feel better, things that I would spend days agonising over melt away from my mind and that’s huge for me. Having that hour to myself to do something that makes me feel better is such a treat and something I know I have to make time for and not forget how much it helps. I did try working out at home when I didn’t have a gym membership anymore and whilst it did help I found that I so easily put it off that it wasn’t as effective. Having that financial responsibility makes me go because if you’re paying for something you want to make sure you’re using it.

A GOOD TV Series

You’ll probably know by how often I write about what I’m watching on Netflix that I’m a big fan of tv series and it’s rare that I don’t binge-watch something. And as much as I like watching something new there is nothing better to me than rewatching a show that I absolutely love, I find it such a big comfort. And, when I don’t feel too great I tend to find my focus levels aren’t all that good which is why I really struggle to read as when my brain feels like a giant squiggle I find myself thinking about what anything else but what I’m trying to read. Which is why a tv show I’ve watched before is so good, it's like a hug for my overworked mind. The shows I love to watching repeatedly are;

  • The Office

  • Gilmore Girls

  • Parks & Rec

  • Grey’s Anatomy

  • The Simpsons



When my mind feels all over the place finding ways to slow it down have been key not only to feeling better but also for getting anything done. Something as simple as writing down my to-do list for the day or what I want to achieve really helps me look at things a little more logically, it also stops me panicking too. So often things can feel incredibly overwhelming and getting them written down can take all the power away from them and that is often what we need. As much I don’t like to get to ahead of myself (we all know my thoughts on the elusive 5-year plan) but even just planning the next day or week can work wonders on my busy mind.


When we talk about self-care it’s really easy to think it’s all about bubble baths and face masks and even though those things are wonderful self-care is something that is so much bigger than our beauty routines. However, I can’t deny the difference those things can make to me and these are the little things that truly make me feel better;

  • Painting my nails.

  • Washing my hair.

  • Treating my skin to a solid routine.

  • Using a facemask.

things to look forward to

I try not to put too much pressure on anything as things can always change last minute but having something in my diary to look forward to is making a big difference to me at the moment. I have to admit, my love for getting out in the winter months is very weather dependent as who wants to go out when it’s blowing a gale and in the minus temperatures? Certainly not me, but now things are getting a little warmer my boyfriend and I have started making a list of places we want to go with the hounds on his off days and I’m so excited to discover some new places around us. More of the Peaks is high up on the list of course.


what do you find comforting for your mental health?

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