A Few Beauty Favourites At The Moment


-post contains PR samples-

It’s been a while since I’ve written about my most loved beauty products. Mostly because I’m a serious creature of habit and recently I went through a phase where I wasn’t wearing makeup at all but that’s a 100% down to laziness rather than anything else. The end of winter always gets to me mentally but now we’re finally coming into the warmer months my love for applying certain products is coming back and this is everything that I’m loving right now beauty wise.


mac lightscapade mineralize skin finish

I pulled this back out of my collection to add a little more luminosity to my complexion overall as things have been looking a little lacklustre as of late. And I forgot just how much I love this dusted all over the skin, it’s so effortless but it has a serious impact on the overall look of my complexion. I tend to pair this with a more matte foundation as otherwise on my combination complexion anything too dewy can be overwhelming. The shade lightscapade is very pearlescent and I don’t find glitter is a huge issue although it does have shimmer running throughout but, it’s very fine. As each skin finish is individually baked then the shades do differ quite a lot but this is certainly a product for the fair girls out there, you can either use it all over or as a very subtle highlight which is another way I love to use it. The MSF’s, in general, are a cult product from MAC but rightfully so, they’re so finely milled that they feel so soft on the skin and as they don’t contain any talc they never give you that uncomfortable feeling that powder can often give.


becca first light priming filter (gifted)

I’d not used this primer in a while as I’d been opting for more hydrating options instead and honestly, I’d forgot how lovely this is. The lilac tone aims to add luminosity and light to the skin without the need for anything too shimmery and it really does add a beautiful soft luminous hue to my complexion. It’s almost like when you’ve got applied a rich moisturiser but obviously without the huge moisture boost as I’m not sure how well any makeup item would survive with that as a canvas. Not only does this perform wonderfully under any type of product but it also works well for a quick pick me up when you’re going makeup free.


nails inc nailkale in hampstead grove (gifted)

Painting my nails is hands down my favourite thing to do, it’s such a simple thing but it makes me feel a hundred times better about myself. After dabbling in the world of acrylics last year my nails were feeling a little weak so I’d been leaving them bare to recover and totally fallen out of the habit of painting them. Now my nails aren’t so prone to breakage I’ve been slicking on my favourite shades once again and one of them comes from Nails Inc. Which isn’t my favourite brand as the polishes are quite expensive and I don’t always find they last amazingly well for me but one shade I am a big fan of is Hampstead Grove, it’s the epitome of warm weather to me as it’s an orange based red which always look best when you’re a little more sunkissed. I can get 5 days wear out of this polish before the edges start to chip which pretty good going for as I am tapping away at a keyboard most days.


nars unlawful blush (gifted)

We all know how much I adore Nars Douceur which sadly isn’t available anymore, which pains me greatly because it’s such a lovely blush and it's the bronzer haters answer to contour. Unlawful is very similar to Douceur but it contains a small amount of shimmer which I don’t find it overwhelming at all. It adds a healthy soft hue of colour to the skin and is one of those blusher colours that can work with the majority of makeup looks which is ideal if you don't want to have to buy numerous products. Nars blushers are undoubtedly some of the best out there, beautifully pigmented, blend into the skin like an absolute dream and last all day without going patchy.


bareminerals complexion rescue hydrating foundation stick (gifted as part of a paid Ig promotion)

I’ve recently worked on the launch of this foundation stick (this is not part of that work) but as I’ve enjoyed using it so much I thought I’d share it on here too. Foundation sticks are something that I’ve really come to love, for years I thought they’d be awkward to use but they’re from that. Infact they’re undoubtedly one of the most fuss free products in my makeup stash. If you’ve used the original Complexion Rescue tinted moisturiser then you will know how kind and comforting that feels on the skin and this feels exactly the same. It glides on the skin with ease and blends in effortlessly offering a good level of coverage and wears comfortably throughout the day. This will be a wonderful one in the warmer months as it contains an SPF of 25, even though I like to use a completely dedicated SPF it’s always nice to know your products have it in too.


what beauty products are you loving right now?

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