5 Things That I Really Love To Buy But Don't Need

2017 is definitely the year of less for me and I'm trying to be more conscious of the things that I'm buying and getting rid of any mass amounts of clutter in my life. But there are a few things that I absolutely love to buy that I don't have any dire need for apart from the fact that they make me incredibly happy. And if it adds value to your life, isn't completely wasteful and you're not getting yourself into financial distress buying it then I think it's ok to make those purchases every now and again. 


Before I discovered the world of aroma/reed diffusers I was a bonafide candle addict. And I can't deny that sometimes I still love to pick up a new one, although my days of buying 4 packs of IKEA tea lights at a time are well behind me there are still a few options I like to go for. And I've said it before and I'll say it again that candles aren't the best way to scent your home [seriously, the research is pretty terrifying] but I can't deny how they make me feel and they're incredibly aesthetically pleasing too. A couple of times a year I will treat myself to a luxe candle from the likes of Jo Malone and Diptyque, Molton Brown is giving them some serious competition though right now. They're of course, incredibly expensive which is why I can't afford to splash out on them regularly. But I can get a good year out of them and even when they're not lit they throw their scent in whatever space they're in wonderfully. 


To some extent I do need stationery for my day to day work life [I could streamline and go digital but you just can't beat pen and paper in my eyes] and apart from all the tech I use they're my most reached for items on a daily basis. But the amount of stationery I own and the fact I will always pick the most beautiful designs over anything else is something I probably shouldn't do. I've spoken about my deep love for stationery hundreds and hundreds of times and my love goes further than initial looks as whilst pretty paper might be pleasing to the eye and the Instagram feed I need something that's functional too. There is just something so lovely about being able to pick something up on a daily basis that you love the look of and will probably help your productivity levels too.


Now a mug is of course a very practical purchase for your kitchen as you're more than likely going to be using one on a daily basis. And maybe it's because I've reached that stage in life where crockery and ceramics excite me greatly but I just can't stop buying mugs. I recently pushed my boyfriend out of the way [in the most loving way possible] because I saw blush pink La Creuset mug in T K Maxx and that's when you know something is an issue. Having a nice mug collection might seem a little odd but it's something that brings me so much joy and getting to pick out what I'm going to use for my morning coffee is something that just adds that little something extra to my day.


Whilst my beauty shopping, in general, is pretty well-restrained something I can never quite resist is a new nail polish and I'm by no means wasteful with my purchases I probably do have a couple more than necessary dirty pinks in my stash. Nail polish is one of those rare beauty products that you get to instantly know whether or not you love it and you can change the shade and finish whenever you feel like it. I generally stick to more budget buys when it comes to my nail polish as I don't see too much of a difference whether I shop high end or not so it feels a little pointless to me to spend the extra money. 


I've always been a big lover of decor that is not only pleasing to the eye but is functional too. I typically don't like items that don't serve much purpose apart from the odd small trinket and whilst I've always been a lover of minimal decor and clean lines with a consistent colour palette it's just not something I can ever stick to in my own living space. I love having personal items scattered around that remind me of a special memory or are just generally adorable. When you get into your 20's there is some odd unspoken pressure to tidy away your childhood into a neat tidy box and never touch it again. But it's nice to have little nods to something you adore somewhere in your living space. 

What are the things that you love to buy that you don't really need?